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So. . .

Six weeks (almost to the day) after mailing my application packet for a Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry permit, the folks down at the Department of Agriculture cashed my check. Hopefully I'll have my permit within the next six weeks.

How long did it take for all you FL non-resident permit holders to get your initial permit?


I took me about 10-12 weeks to get my Utah permit. It was so long I forgot it was coming, so it really was a suprise when it came in the mail. I wouldn't expext to see it for another 4 weeks at least. Good luck and be safe!
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Florida received mine on Dec. 6, cashed my check about Jan. 10 and finally issued my permit on March 14. I was beginning to worry.I called them to check on it every week for about 5 weeks.

I sent my paperwork in on Dec 13. My permit was issued on 4/4.....I'm still waiting for it in the mail. 120+ Days!!!
My non-resident Florida permit took 2 or 3 weeks to get back (dates are below - you do the math).

I mailed it on 1/11/10 and received my permit in the mail on 1/28/10.
Mailed my paperwork with FLA the end of Sept 09. Received my non resident 4 Feb 10. Clean record, go figure! Gov't at its finest. Sorry thing about it, I was born and raised there. :fie:
took about two months to get mine back denied just because I didn't hand write Maryland State Trooper Barracks G, I called Fla they said hand write it in and remail it. Three months later I got my permit
I received mine in 10 days, but I applied in person while I was visiting FL (I am an Ohio resident). I was not sure that I wanted to take one of the last days of our vacation to go and apply in person, but I was told that if the application was submitted by mail that it was taking 4 to 8 months. We have another trip planned to FL next month for business, and the FL permit will allow me to carry in every state we will be in (the OH permit is not good in GA, AL, MS, or LA), so I decided it was worth the time.

Florida Permit

Mailed my Application on September15, 2009 ,Arrived at Florida On September 17, 2009,Cashed my Money Order on September 22,2009 , Permit Arrived in my Mailbox on October 23,2009, Excatly 37 Days after I Mailed it to them. Thought that was pretty quick turn around time...
went to tellehassee on my way down to the everglades, filled out the app. had permit in the mail 5-6 days later. really nice gals. was a real surprise to get it that quick.:yu:
CCW Permits

Morning every one. I got my AZ. in about 4 weeks NP. I sent my Utah non resident in and it took 5 weeks just got it yesterday. Did carry for about 40 years back in the east coast but let it drop from lack of use and $$$. You just have to wait. It will arrive. I am sure all the agencys are over loaded with work .

I agree it takes time to get a CCW permit. It should be an unquestionable privilege. We really are asking whom ever does a back ground check that hopefully they are doing their job. We should never have to worry about a weapon permit being in the wrong hands and I am sure they are doing the best they can.

I have a 9mm 19 Glock nice weapon but not good for CC. Just purchased a 380 Thunder for CC for my self and my wife. Nice little inexpensive weapon.

The safety features are great for a woman or man for CC. Less than 2 seconds to take off safety and your ready to stop who or what ever .

Have a nice day,:pleasantry:
Mr. Bob
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I called Florida this morning. They tell me that they recieved my application on February 18th and have not begun working it yet.
I sent my application on February 18th. Today, March 27th, I got a letter indicating that Florida was unable to process my application because the police officer had not signed the fingerprint card. I took it to the police department, surprisingly, the officer was on the desk. He happily signed it and I mailed it back to Florida.

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