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Can anyone help me find out if my Florida nonresident CCW is still good in Pa? I'm getting a lot of different info about this. I have had 2 CCW instructors tell me that Pa will no longer honor it. I don't know where to get up to date info about this.

Check out http://www.handgunlaw.us/ it seems to be very accurate and up-to-date. Worse case, call the state offices
Floridas Reciprocity's States

Yes, your Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit is Valid in Pennsylvania.This Information is Verifiable at.


Also, You can go to USACARRY Home page and click on Permit Info on left hand side of page.

Hope this Information answers your Concerns.Have a good day.
Thank you guys for the info and where to look this up. Now I feel better, I live in De about 10 miles from Pa and go into Pa often.
I also like this site Link Removed

Click the state your interested in, look to right side of page. It provides all the links you need to read the actual laws or the states interpretation of their laws. The middle of the page are cliff notes of the laws for quick reference.

I really like the fact at very bottom you can see when the state's page was last updated and what was updated specifically since you last might have read it.


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