Flawed gun rights bill needs to be stopped


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An email alert from Ohioans for Concealed Carry. Both the OFCC and BFA forums contain lots of discussion about the flaws in HB 203.

Legislative alert!

Folks, we worked hard to get Representative Johnson to agree to dropping the NICS compliancy portion from HB 203. It appears that doing so may have cost us the bill.

John Hohenwarter of the NRA is determined to include it again into whatever legislation is passed in these waning days of the legislative session. We don't know why the NRA is hell bent on passing laws that are against our best interests as gun owners in Ohio, but we do know that it is happening - we know that it WILL happen, unless we stop it

He's done it in other states
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The NICS check amendment is being sold as a means to increase reciprocity and to eliminate the background check we all go through when we buy a gun through an FFL, but in reality it does neither. What it really does is effectively wipe out Ohio's restoration of rights for many misdemeanor offenses, AND it automatically gives gun rights to fifth degree drug felons. This is possible because of differing standards between Ohio and the federal government. What is even worse, it takes decision making control over gun rights away from the Ohio Legislature, where we have some influence, and gives it to the federal government, where we have none.

Many of us are NRA Certified Instructors and it pains us very much to write this alert, but it must be done.
It would be disastrous if this amendment makes it into State law.

We are asking everyone to email and /or call EVERY member of the Senate Civil Justice Committee ASAP and as often as possible and tell them WE DON'T WANT any NICS amendment passed in this session. Go to this page: Link Removed, and click on each member to send them an email and get their phone number. Vice Chair Senator Larry Obhof, Link Removed, is the person gathering amendments, Senator Joe Eucker, Link Removed, who is our friend, was very surprised to learn that we oppose it, since "the other gun group" in Ohio supports it. (They also supported the hidden compartment bill)

Please, please, PLEASE!
Burn up the phone lines, crash the internet, make your voices heard! If we don't, we're going to be burnt with bad legislation that no one wants

Between health and prior commitments our "regulars" are prevented from going to the Statehouse until next year, or else someone would be there every day for the next two weeks. The legislature is only meeting on Tues. Weds. and Thurs those two weeks, with Dec 18 being their last day. Hearings will be held 12/9 at 10:00am, 12/10 at 9:45am 9if needed), and 12/11 at 8:00am (if needed). The more people that can show up - ESPECIALLY 12/9 at 10am, the better. OFCC shirts, hats and/or jackets would be great!

Time is short and the time for action is now
Carry on . . .

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