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Hamilton Felix

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OK, we don't have lightning fields or house shields like House Atreides or even personal shields.

My first thought, like many here, was "sprinkler system releasing pepper spray or tear gas, or just open up on 'em with a 'riot extinguisher' like they use in prisons." And I loved the flashbang idea. But let's face reality here:

If you so much as lock the doors so people can't exit (instant violation of fire safety code), let alone hose 'em with pepper spray, YOU will be accused of escalating things. Some of those dirtbags are bound to know bottom-feeding lawyers. There will be people who were gassed or flashbanged and later testify "I wasn't stealing a thing, I was just there and the storekeeper attacked me!" Life for you won't go well. As a 7-11 clerk, the only thing you know for sure is that Southland Corp. will throw you under the bus. Those punks all know that nobody will touch them, for just those reasons. They are counting on it.

Frankly, I think the ability to quickly step through a back door that seals well, and hit a button to fill the room with CN (not CS) gas, would really be nice. CN is easy to air out afterward, and it's adequate to transform a room into a very uncomfortable environment. But all that preparation costs money.

It's my understanding that in really, really bad neighborhoods, not only fast food establishments but service stations and convenience stores, are already set up with both the staff and the merchandise behind armor. The customer comes to the bulletproof window and places his order.

This kind of behavior defeats the "supermarket" concept that evolved in America. The obvious answer is to go back to the old time store, where the customer tells the storekeeper what he wants, maybe even hands him a list, then waits for the storekeeper to assemble the merchandise.

Yes, I know, if I run a store after TSHTF and TEOTWAWKI, things will be different. But we're talking about solutions that will work in today's political/legal environment.


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Uhhh!!!:fie: After reading all 10 pages. I have ended up with the conclusion that most of you that posted have no problem killing someone for stealing $20 worth of items. While that fact bothers me that you place such a low dollar amount on a human life. While their actions are wrong and illegal it does not give you the right to shoot them. Where I live you need to be in fear for your life to use deadly force and having 20 to 30 kids stealing items from the store I am working at does not cause me to fear for my life. The other thing most have forgotten or chose to ignore was there where others in the store when the flash-mob came in, so locking the doors and spraying pepper spray on everyone would not be the wisest thing to do.

.......After watching the video you should be able to see why some of us say let them take it for we place a greater importance on our life then the items being stolen. The problem you face when choosing to pull your firearm is how many people will you need to shoot before the mob turns away. What number did you come up with? The firearm I carry has 16 bullet plus the 2 spare mags I carry so that give me 46 bullet. Now lets add 8 seconds to change the magazine if the first 16 bullets did not stop the mob. Do you fell that 8 seconds is enough time to reload your firearm before you are surround by the mob? Ok the if's are high on what one could do but for me it would be safer for me to keep my firearm concealed.

I do not think most everyone here wants to shoot someone let alone shoot them for $20 worth of stuff. I agree that the clerks life was not appear in danger or threatened and I cant say if threatening or intimidating words were made toward the clerk. What would have happened if the clerk said "No" you cannot take this for reasons valid to the clerk or owner; would the mob have escalated to violence? With that thought in mind is it intimidation by numbers in that "we are taking what we want no matter what" and it just so happened the clerk did not do anything about it?


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MOB Action It's call a forceable felony. Deadly force can be used.
What the Mob did to the trucker in the LA riots is a MOB action and he could have used a gun if he had one and shot them. When the flash mob breaks the law by looting they could hurt someone who tryed to stop them and end up killing them. one of the mob guys when arrested said I only hit him one time. 20 of them said I only hit him one time. In fact thats what they did 20 hits one at a time. thats why you can use deadly force.
even if they are just taking 2 candy bars and running. 20 of them running out the door with candy bars and one old lady trys to say " hey stop that" and they run her over and she dies. That can happen and that why it's mob action. what insurence will pay for her life. People it's not the money!!!! It's the disregard for the law and thats us. they would run your over, hit you, drive you down, shoot, stab, punch just to get away with a candy bar. it's not you shooting them for a candy bar. it's because they would kill to take the candy bar and get away. Maybe your 20 year old son or 16 year old girl was in the store and your child said HEY! STOP That! and they ran over your child and they died. Your raised them to be lawabiding people and they did what
we as a parent say they should do and got killed. for a candy bar and the assholes who would kill for it to get away. If the flashmob keep getting away with the crimes, don't you think that they will try other crimes too, taking cars. rape, and at what point is it ok for someone to shoot them. O not when they take candy bars, or money, or your wallet, or some girl you don't know? When do you stand up after a innocent person is dead. How about now! In nov in Wisconson concealed carry becomes law. come next summer and I am at the fair and a huge group of men starts beating and robbing people come down the street. I am a marine vet a sgt of Marines. I swear on all my old marine buddies lifes I will shoot the first bastard I see hit someone. and i am going to try and turn the somebitchs back. or empty the gun and reload as long as I can. I don't stand by and let women and kids and old folk get attacked. No hero just a old Marine doing what my whole life I have been doing standing up for the ones who can't. I get crazy when people attack women and kids and old folk.
I don't care if there is a million of them I got 2o rounds then after that I will be hitting them with the gunbutt. If you knew me you would know i am not kidding hit a women or child in front of me and get ready to bleed. and the court can have what left. him and me.
I don't understand people who say oh it's just a candy bar, it's not my family. we the people!
Oh and all of you under 56 are kids. and all of you over 57 are old folks,
the rest of you should be by my side spanking some bad boys. Ya know I do go crazy when I think women and kids are attacked. a thing thats has gotten me a few black eyes and bruises over the years.
I live by the law. and justice but sometimes the law has no justice in it. Thats why there are people on juries. We the people. Yea I know Your going say HOPE YOU LIKE YOUR CELL MATE date. well maybe he can sing. and if he is nice and jewish and tall and NOT A SNOWBALL's HOPE IN HELL!
The big word here is attacked. don't want to get shot don't attack people.

Ya know I swear I was just going put two little statments here but NO!!!
It just comes out!!! God!! if you met me somewhere at a party you would like me. I am nice to people and polte. and smile and say nice things, I buy a round when it's my turn but I do get up on the soap box when I get mad. just I got to step in when I seen people hurt. It just happens. boom two guys get in a fight I got to step in and break it up. No Badge just hey it not right. I think I watched roy rogers too much as a kid. I did not like the lone ranger as much he wore a mask!! Cool horse tho! and wonder women How did they get that top to stay up??? But My heart belonged to Maryann.


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Activate the house shield and let Dr. Yueh protect the edges. If that fails, maybe he can issue a poison gas tooth.

Hamilton Felix

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It WILL escalate into something very bad; it has in places, and it will soon become so widespread that even our mainstream media cannot ignore it.

In my heart, I'm with whitetiger. He understands "one riot, one Ranger." If the mob knows for certain that the first six will die, nobody wants to lead that mob, they're all competing for the back row, then they sneak away. But the first time a black mob storms a store, and a white clerk pulls out a hi-cap weapon a mows down the first 6 or 8 or so, there will be hell to pay. We can only hope he gets a good jury.

There's a reason I avoid "civilization" (and slip some extra magazines into my pockets when I have to visit the city). Out here in the boonies, everyone has guns, and criminals do not confront citizens.


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There's a reason I avoid "civilization" (and slip some extra magazines into my pockets when I have to visit the city). Out here in the boonies, everyone has guns, and criminals do not confront citizens.

And you don't have to deal with Flash (Ah-ah) Gordon mobs.


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I don't know what State you're in but I doubt you'd get away calling that self defense. Not unless they first draw weapons on you. Part of the flash mob "trick" is that they simply show up in a large crowd, walk into a store and carry away stuff. No guns, no violence and they know damned well there's no much you can do against it. Legally.

If it's a mob actually attacking people that's another story of course.

White tiger is from the "Hood" that is how thing are done in that culture. Lawlessness! Blame ****** and Obama will bail you out.
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Hey Woodhead!! How you doing you old Peter puffer? Still sucking a way old boy? WEll guess what I am white and never lived in a big city. Just was a Marine and cop. You on the other hand are only brave on line.
You never been in a fight in your life, cause your a coward! You could never stand up to a mob. Dang you poop your pants when your house lose power in a storm. So you still trying the same old stuff.
I love your ending signature. in short (THE CODE OF PIRATES!!) Like you would ever be taken in by pirates.
You would be in the apple barrol all the time! ya know the barrol with the hole in it.LOL.
you are pretty, Lawlessness? you do not have the guts to stand up to a mob. I have, I have walk into the face of guns and they blinked cause if you stand up to them and fight back they will stop. or some of them will be stopped. dead. You little queen whats up they close the gas station's bathroom stall on you. When the mob come into a store, you first have to try and stop them not just sit back and let them do it. Then if they attack you for trying to stop them then you could use deadly force. Maybe they stop when they see your gun maybe they do not. A marine was awarded the medal of Honor today at the whitehouse.
He did not sit by and watch. I don't think there is that many of you who would just sit and watch this go down. If you were armed in a small store and the mob came in. The first attack on the clerk and I am sure some of you would pull your gun and defend her. Maybe you just don't know what you have in you. Watch strawdogs the movie. fear is a great test. some rise to the fight. some of you walk away. WOODCLUCK you would walk a way you would blame everyone but you never stand up for anyone, you never served, you are only in it for you. You need to get layed! buy a duck, then you will not be a virgin any more. You Quack. You blame everyone but will not stand up to help anyone.

" When a sad old man ( WoodNUT) lives a way of life for himself in a society, he creates for himself in the course of time a make belive system that authorizes it and a unmoral code that justifies it."

Don't forget the sunscreen, it is hot on the poop deck missy!

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