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I know why ya'll cc in FL. Stopped at a local c store,some old lady followed me out to the company truck insisting that i take her home! LOL. It wasnt a bad looking c store either. I'm down in Gainseville for a few days. Are there any normal people down here? Surely there are. Be glad to get back to Gods country. MISSISSIPPI!! Nice visiting,just wouldnt want to live here. To many people. :biggrin:

I went to the local bank and did a withdrawal..
One of the Bank people (a guy behind a regular desk) was outside just finishing his lunch..
He didn't introduce himself or anything.. He just walked up to me sitting on my motorcycle and said
"Nice bike, will you take me for a ride?" :wacko:
I'm thinking to myself, who the hell are you and you aren't very good looking.. :wink: and you didn't save me any lunch...
I did take him for a little ride, but it was very strange to me...

I wasn't too worried about him, little did he know I was CC'ing..

But hey, I lived in NYC for 12 years.. Nothing down here surprises me much compared to what I saw up there!
Funny, I am from NYC, now live in FL. Can't carry there, and yes many strange things here and there. It's just what you get used to.
Holy S#$%,,,,,girl knocked on the motel room door offering,,,,said you have a gun ,,,i said yes i do ,,,,Please Lord let me get back to Mississippi in one piece.
One of the many reasons I left Florida... Way too many people... Most are all transplants... a lot of strange folks to say the least!! I am a Tampa native and most everyone I was acquainted with down there was from somewhere else. Warm weather, sunshine and beaches sure do attract a lot of different folks...:wacko:

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