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Florida"s Governor Scott appointed a task force to review our stand your ground law. Gov Scott was under a lot of pressure from Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the black community, the black panthers, the liberal news media and every liberal gun grabbing organization around. If anyone has any comments for support of FL stand your ground law please e-mail the task force--- [email protected] The first meeting will be May 1,2012 at 10:00 am eastern time. You can watch live at -- Link Removed floridachannel.org


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i think ok have the same stand your ground law, but is does not mean following someone and then standing your ground. we have a no retreat type of law. all the laws need looking at an to insure no will me and then shhot me and be protected under the law we need to edecuate our citsizens how to handle a situation without the use of deadly force. too many western days type individuals carrying.


The law is not broken just Al Sharpton, J. Jackson and the Black Panthers, actually need to READ and Understand the LAW then don't break it.


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that is why we have lawyers, judges and believe me each one interprete the laws different, even the supreme courts sometimes have a hard time decipling the laws, so you laymen need to shut up and let justice do its part, even if it be a miscarriage.


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To the Honorable Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll and members of this Commission:

I would like to say that I will find it difficult to take this Commission seriously when it appears the Governor has deliberately failed to either include qualified members of the NRA, or any civilian firearm instructors. How a commission can be selected without including anyone who has been directly involved in the training of civilian Concealed Weapons License holders, or those "most involved" in the self defense movement is disgraceful. I believe this will leave all Concealed Weapons License holders and other serious firearm owners in the State with substantial misgivings as to the true agenda of this commission, and a belief that they are being politically targeted purely for the benefit of the Governor's political ambitions.


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NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
State Of Florida "K" Licensed Firearms Instructor

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