FL is at least a month behind on permits.


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I called the FL permit issuing department on Thursday and I was told they received my application packet on March 13, however they were currently working on applications received February 9. Wednesday of next week will mark the 90th day since they have received my application. According to law they are required to issue a permit or give reason for denial within 90 days. I think I'm just going to wait until the extra 30 days. If I don't receive the permit by July, I'll call again.


I live in Ohio and submitted my renewel on a Friday. I called the Sheriffs office on the following Thursday at their request, and picked it up then. They apologised for the delay and said they were backed up in Columbus. When I got my original CCW I applied on Friday and picked it up on Monday. The reason...the CCW office is closed on weekends.I guess were pretty lucky to have such a well run organization.:pleasantry:
Do they do any kind of background check in Ohio and require fingerprints? Also does your CWP eliminate the need for the NICS check when purchasing a gun? Here in SC there is a bill to make our CWP a lifetime deal but if that goes through then we will have to go through the NICS check again so I have some mixed feelings about it. I have been able to bargain a little better with some dealers with them knowing that they didn't have to worry about the phone call.
I sent mine in around end of Feb Feb 22 is when they recievd it now June 9 still no word:mad:
I AM VERY UPSET but what can u do :angry::wacko:
I sent mine in February as well i called a coupel of weeks ago and they told they recieved it and that they just got done January and are starting February. So I'll wait until July before I call again.

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