FL CWL - 110+ Days

Wow super fast

Placed mine in mail sept 2 just got it today oct 5 WOW That must be a record!!!!
My FL permit was fast, too. Got it October 3, 39 days after I mailed the application. Maybe they have hired some helpers.
Got mine back today. Sent it out originally the 17th of August, but due to damaged prints, I re-sent the prints the 28th of September. I got the permit in the mail today. Even with the delay, just a few days over 2 months.
sent mine on 12-07-09 i will let you know when i get mine sure hope i get it before march but it looks like thats a dream but hey a guy can dream right!!!
Florida recieved mine on 11/23 and I got mine on Dec 7th. Holy cow. They must be working on weekends!
wow dam that was fast sure hope mine comes that fast but iam not going to get my hopes up for that kind of turn around but thanks for the update be safe and keep your eyes open bro
Florida i send my stuff 01/07/10 got it last week .. they faster now, and a advice when you call tell them to put you on the phone with Valeria(great customer services) , she knows what shes doing ..
The DOACS was just backed up. Then they decided to start spending their trust money. They are catching up very fast.

Once you get your certificate, I recommend going to one of the regional offices and doing everything there. One of my students received her license in six days.

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