FL CCW holder now living in VA, what do I need to do??


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I have a valid Florida CCW permit but I recently moved to Virginia. Both states do reciprocate with each other but I am wondering if I need to get another CCW for my new home state of Virginia. Any help would be appreciated.


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:biggrin:Let me start by saying that I am not a lawyer or LEO, but I would suggest you jump through the hoops and obtain a Virginia CCW permit, and surrender your Florida permit to Florida unless Virginia wants to take your Florida permit and they notify Florida that you are no longer a resident of Florida. It would be similar to drivers license when you change residence. Both states that I have had a permit in require tht you notify of any change of address. Moving out of state meets that requirement. Virginia may have a grace period where they will accept your Florida training, and treat issue of a CCW permit as a "Renewal." Check into it further to save yourself a lot of trouble and embarrassment.
He should be able to contact Florida and get his resident permit changed to a non-resident. That lets him continue to have reciprocity with Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, and Washington, which don't honor a VA permit, but do honor a FL non-resident. (May not visit Washington or Kansas often, but moving from Florida to Virginia implies he probably has reason to at minimum pass through Georgia and/or Alabama once in a while.)

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