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I recently purchaced my first cc revolver. It has a very limited site picture. It's a Taurus 605 .357, and the rear site is just a "dip" in the top of the frame. The front site rises gradually to it's peek off the barrel. The grey on grey site picture makes it difficult to pick up quickly.

I was wondering if there are any suggestions? I have thought of simply applying a little bit of paint to the front site to distinguish it better but I don't want to ruin it.

I have used bright fingernail polish in the past, but I'm thinking some whiteout may work better. I don't think I would use paint.

White Out?

I have heard others say that white out may work. But I this weapon s carried alot, It will get dirty. I found that range time and practice will aid in finding that sight window.

Go to the local hobby store and get one of those small bottles of Testor's model paint in whatever color you like. It stands up to gun cleaning solvents, but if you want, it'll will come right off with a bit of carburetor cleaner and a soft brush.
cris40ky - I am assuming you are discussing a CCW weapon. I have two different .357 (SP 101 fixed sight, and GP 100 adjustable sight), revolvers - except for qualifying and general target practice, there really isn't a need for refined sights. The painting of the front sight is an excellent way to improve the "quick sight", and I find no problem with it wearing off quickly. So simple to repaint, if needed. I have gone with a bright orange, but only white would be of much use in low light. I did replace my SP 101 front sight with a Gemini Custom "Small Wonder', a definite plus.
This is a problem I have had, and run into often with students. I had a Colt DEtectice Special, with the same limited capacity fron sight rear groove in the top of the frame, amd I traded the gun because of it. I try to tell people they will soon be able to shoot better than the gun, and will lose interest in it, and will not practice with it...
IF you can find someone who will do it, the rear groove can be milled out square, and much deeper, allowing more light in. The front blade can be filed down or built up to correct elevation, and the barrel can be tightened/ loosened to correct windage. Most snubbies will shoot really well, if yiu can only see to make them shoot. There is nothing better than a gun that has been worked in to a specific load, and both load and gun stay the same. Question is, who will do it, and are you willing to pay them?

I think maybe a trip to the sites new sponsors web site may hold a solid answer. What about a set of Crimson Trace grips for that Taurus?

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