First year to hunt with a license


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Well this year marks my first year hunting with a license...

I grew up on a farm and hunted from the time I was 12 (PA law back then) till I went away to college in NY and then lived in Ohio for 8 years where I couldn't use my 30-30 because you can't use a rifle out there and I didn't have a shotgun to hunt with, my sawed off wouldn't work too well for that. ;)

but now I am back in PA living on my inlaws farm but not making a living off of it so I must get a license.

I went to my local Gander Mtn. to get my license but didn't have my hunters safety course card from back in 1992 so I couldn't buy it in person since he had to see and verify that I had taken the course. So I went online

Online all I had to do was check a box that stated - under oath - that I had taken the course, which I did back in 1992, so I ordered it all online and it came in the mail a couple days ago. since then my dad was able to find my Hunters Safety course card :)

This is going to be weird hunting with a license... I sure hope that I have a good a luck as I did back when I was a kid :)


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If it is private property why do you need the license? Grow 1 tomato plant and sell a tomato or 2, problem solved. Sorry but I am rebellious in nature especially when it comes to govt of any sort or institutions set up to collect money in the form of a tax which a license is. Remember it's always about the money and their want of yours.


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well longslide10 I need a license because I don't plans on just hunting on our property (only about 100 acres - mostly just fields, not much wooded areas). but the farm that I grew up on has 2K+ acres that I can still hunt (with a license).
but all is good now, got my license and even got my antlerless tag so I am all set come November - can't wait to get back out there again!!!

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