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I've carried for years but usually used a fanny pack with occasional bandolero pants tuck..... I Know, I know. LOL

Well I finally got serious and bought a High Noon "Snapper" holster with a "Double Take" mag carrier plus a belt. Let me just say..... This is nice/good looking stuff it was worth the three month wait and ton of money.

Well I have carried my S&W 4013 in this rig for about a week and I'll tell you it is perfectly comfortable while driving and I have talked to many people and went to a ton of places with no one the wiser. Basically I just wore a untucked long sleeve T-shirt. I'll be honest I'm kind of pissed I didn't get a set up like this years ago.

Just thought I'd share my coming of age. lol

Something to be said for good gear. It gets pricey real quick.

I had been using the Blackhawk Serpa OWB for the M&P45 and it just feels like too much hanging too far out. So I tried a DeSantis Speed Scabbard with thumb break. Had it on all weekend long and really liked it. Cost was $51.00. I use the 5.11+ tactical belt so take a look at them. It has a 2mm stiff plastic insert all the way along inside the belt. It holds all the holsters I use both IWB and OWB. Cost me $35.00. Do some shopping when it comes to the belts. Many good ones out there under $50.00..

I do like the look of the Snapper holster, and the quick on and off that the belt loop snaps offer.

My biggest problem was finding something for my particular model gun. It was only made for about 5 yrs in the early 90's. They then came out with the TSW version which is the same but different. :wacko:
Then to quote Tommy Lee Jones, "Lose that sissy pistol and get yourself a Glock." :biggrin:

Sorry no Glock for me..... Just don't like the damn things. But I have and M&P for my "house pistol". Same thing just better. :biggrin:

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