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I OC'd today for the first time. I have had my permit for a few months now, but always conceal. I took my boys to the barber shop with me today and decided I would oc if it felt right when we got there. This is a man's barber shop if you know what I mean. Animal and fish mounts on the walls, no frills. I can get a decent flat top for less than 10 bucks.

When we got there, it was pretty busy, so I left my jacket on for the time being. When it was my turn, it had cleared out some, so I slipped the jacket off and got in the chair. I think one customer might have been paying attention. The guy that cut my hair is former military so I knew he wouldn't say anything. By the time I was done, it had filled up again. I carry a S&W M&P in a kydex holster on my hip, so it was pretty visible if they were paying any attention. There was a fairly good mix of people in there, including moms and kids. When I got out of the chair, I walked to the coat rack and put my jacket back on before paying. But the gun was visible to everybody at that point. I know one young boy saw it as his eyes were pretty wide when I looked at him. We paid and left with no problems.

I am a firm believer that the sheep need to see good guys that look like good guys carrying on occasion. Most peoples only experience with guns is through the screen with with either BG's or cops being the ones carrying.I am clean cut, no tattoos. no piercings. I had my 2 young boys who were well behaved with me. I paid for the haircuts and told them to keep the change. I was just like every other dad in that barber shop. But I was armed. We have to be more proactive in exposing people to guns in a positive manner. I will open carry in the future, in a wel thought out manner. I make the bank deposits for my church every week. The tellers all know me. They see me in my work clothes and they see me dressed up. When it gets warmer, I will go in with my suit clothes minus the jacket, but plus the gun.

I was in my bank getting a small loan yesterday. I am self employed. The branch I deal at is not posted. The main office is. I was sitting in the managers office and we had a very good conversation about that. I did not tell her I was carrying, but I did explain to her why we do. I will make every effort to show people that good guys carry too. I think more of us should take opportunity when it is right to do so.

By the way, the shop next to the barber shop is a tattoo parlor when they can pay the rent and utilities. I call it the Gates of Hell Tattoo shop because of what hangs out there. That is enough reason to carry to me.

Sorry this is so long, just wanted to share.

Open Carry

Not sure if MA is open carry. Even if so, not sue I would. I have a Class A LTC (CWP) and like it that way. In MA the Chief of Police has full juisdiction.
Open Carry

Not sure if MA is open carry. Even if so, not sue I would. I have a Class A LTC (CWP) and like it that way. In MA the Chief of Police has full juisdiction.
That's cool I didn't know that. I assume that's amish country as well then?

No, we didn't have any Amish around here until about 20 yrs ago. Lancaster was where you came if you wanted the best attorney in the land in the 1800's. John Sherman, General Shermans brother, wrote the anti trust law. Stanbery was from here. He defended Pres Johnson when he was impeached. Pres Taft's campaign manager lived here. Several others lived here. Gen Sherman open carried I'm sure, just to keep this relevant to the thread. We inherited fine builders from PA.

As I open carry in the future, I'll update. I am goods friends with some of the local LEO's and know one of the Judges quite well. If I hit a snag, that may help. I will keep my oc cofined to my hometown. I am in Columbus quite frequently and am not willing to try it there yet. Maybe never. But Lancaster is still a small city and I will try to pave the way.

So far this year, I have convinced at least 5 people to get their permits. One is waiting for her approval, two took the course yesterday, two more are taking it this month, and 3 more are considering it. Not too bad as I just got mine in December. I will start traing with a guy hopefully this month who has extensive personal protection experience. He has trained people for Blackwater and done a lot of bodyguard work for political figures. I have known him for years and didn't know he did this type of stuff as that was not the business he practiced for a living. Am really looking forward to it.

Thanks for the encouragement and for those who may try oc, good luck, but think well about how you go about it. It is not my intent to be a test case in the legal system, but to show the sheep that they don't need to fear guns in law abiding hands.

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