First range trip with new Kimber

So I just had to brag! Yesterday I took my brand new stainless Kimber TLE/RL II to the range and put the first 150 rounds through it. I was worried reading and watching all the problems that some people have with theirs, but mine functioned perfectly! 230gr fmj's only, next time I'll test out the hollowpoints.

Not a single failure to feed, fire, or extract, even with a two fingered limp wrist test. It is a pleasure to shoot, and highly accurate. It's a big weight off my chest knowing it's going to be a reliable gun! Ok ennd rant!:man_in_love::man_in_love::man_in_love:


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Nice! I ordered an Ultra TLE II last Nov and it FINALLY came in middle of March. Put approx 500 rounds thru it with NO problems. Thing was super accurate for a 3" barrel. Liked it SO much, that I picked up a Stainless Custom TLE just like yours, less the rail. It is now my favorite.
I like the Kimbers so much that I have been selling my XD's due to lack of use! They have turned into safe queens!!!
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Thanks I am going to get a kimber too and read some of the stuff and was scared too.
I will test my kimber when I get it prob next april It's a lot of money. I am saving up the money from my other sport. not buying stuff saving for the gun I want. only trouble is get a crimson carry or a tactor or cdp leaning to the tac cause it has 3 dot sight and open mag well


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Picked up a stainless Ultra Raptor II a couple of months ago for CC, and with around 500 rounds so far it has performed flawlessly. Love the way it feels and handles, even with my fairly large hands. Congrats on your happy purchase.


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I just bought a new Kimber Compact CDP II last weekend. I havent had a chance to test it out yet, but will do for sure is weekend. Glad to hear everyone has had positive experiances with their Kimbers! Now I'm waiting for a Crossbreed holster to come in the mail; the gun will be well past its break-in period by the time the holster gets here. Can't wait for the weekend!


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Crossbreed super tuck is the holster to have for cc. They are inside the waist band and are about as comfortable as you can get. Galco makes a copy called the kingtuk. If you can cc, they are the way to go.
Go to their web sites and check them out!
I second the crossbreed. I have one gor my glock22 and love it. Im a big guy though and I put an extended mag release so Ihad to punch a hole so it didnt engage during movement. (I didnt get the combat cut because I got the rough textured frame. ) It was a toss up between another one for the kimber or an Alessi shoulder rig. When I found out Alessi is in my back yard, i figured i would check them out. It's all made for me I just gotta go pick it up.

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