First Axes not Irons!


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First Axes now Irons!

I guess Irons are right behind axes on the items to ban list!

Oh and I finally hit 500 posts! Whhooooohoooo! Watch out HK, Doc, and Red Hat I'm catch'n up. If work didn't keep getting in the way I'd have caught up by now! lol

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Tampa Man Charged With Using Iron To Attack Wife

TAMPA - A woman was ironing clothes in her basement Friday morning when her husband came downstairs, grabbed the iron and used it as a weapon, police say.

Jimmie Lafran Cole, 53, was arrested Sunday night, according to a police report, which describes what happened:

After grabbing the iron from his wife in the basement of their home at 736 E. 113th Ave., he hit her over the head twice, creating two separate two-inch gashes. He then took the hot iron and burned the left side of her body and left breast. The victim, who was not named by police, was taken to a hospital, where she filled out a complaint against Cole.

He was arrested at about 9 p.m. Sunday night at 3904 Powhatan Ave. and charged with aggravated battery with a weapon (domestic violence), a felony.

Cole is in the Orient Road Jail today. No bail was set.

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Thanks Doc.

Ops title should have said " irons". Not sure how to correct it.

Should be able to hit the edit button under the first post and change it from there.

Hot irons are dangerous stuff! Curling irons are just as bad and more concealable . . . although I wouldn't want to carry a hot iron IWB for sure! :eek:

On a side note, he should have appreciated that she was doing the ironing--my hubby usually does his own after waiting far too long for me to get around to it . . .
Don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of important stuff. Oh well, such is life. Congrats on hitting # 500. Keep the posts coming.
As far as the iron weilding husband sounds like he may have missed one or two of his anger management classes.
Thanks mom. I found it. I just needed to go into the advance setting to edit the title.

Guess that didn't work either! Oh well.
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always the sign of a "real man" beating up on women... and with a hot iron?? I hope he meets big bubba in the big house and gets what he deserves.

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