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How many of you carry an ankle kit or some other form of first aid kit? I have been considering this but I am not trained in first aid yet either so Im not for sure where to start. SO how much did you pay for the kit you carry and what is it?


I keep one in my truck. I’ve been trying to come up with a way of carrying one on me. But I know it has to be set up and practical so I know I would always have it on me.
The kit I have in my truck has a CAT tourniquet, sharpie marker, battle dressing,Israeli bandage, quick clot powder and a CPR barrier.
I got everything on eBay and have about $40 in it, including the army issue IFAK pouch I have it in.
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I have several of the Voodoo Tactical BDU wallet’s. I’m thinking of using one for a IFAK. I’m just trying to figure out how I would carry it.
I believe if I made a ankle rig for it, that it would be just too bulky.
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I am trained in anaphylaxis recognition and treatment, and have ready access to Epi-Pens.


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I usually have something on me, in my backpack and/or in my vehicle.

For my ankle kit, I carry an AFAK from Ryker Nylon Gear. I've tried a few and this one was the most comfortable and had the lowest profile. It is loaded up with a tourniquet, hemostatic gauze, chest seal, gloves, and flat gauze.

I also have a Vertx Walker Small Medical Pouch loaded with the same contents but also has a nasopharyngeal airway. This gets tossed into whatever bag I'm using. BTW, use coupon code USACARRY and get 15% off of everything at

In my truck, I have a trauma kit in an older version of the Fieldcraft Survival Modular Visor Panel but it is stuck to my sunroof using velcro. I also have a larger first aid/medical bag loaded with a lot more in the truck.

I'd suggest taking, at the minimum, a Stop the Bleed course. But what I always recommend to anyone carrying concealed is to get TCCC certified.

I y'all are interested, I could do a video/article that shows all of this in more detail and exactly what I carry.


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Anaphylaxis Emergency Response training is fairly easy to do. And in SC once you have had the training, a doctor can write you a prescription for Epi-pens which any pharmacy should be able to fill. This is due to the SC Emergency Anaphylaxis Treatment Act, which amended the SC Essential Access to Epinephrine Act at the request of the food service industry. I am proud to say that I lobbied for this legislation's passage.

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