Firefight at Pahrump, NV RV Park

Any accused murderer, regardless of where he or she lives, is a flight risk. Don't get me wrong I think our constitution is a wonderful document, but it contains too many provisions for protecting the rights of the accused, and not enough for protecting the rights of everyone else. That needs to change.

Tatted, that's a dangerous line of thinking. Just because in this case, we "know" that the accused is also guilty, we shouldn't change the basis of operation of the justice system and Constitutional protections.

One day, you or I may be the accused. You or I may have done nothing "wrong". You or I might not share the views of "everyone else". Giving the accused a chance to redeem themselves, have a fair trial with a jury of their peers, and all the other protections the Constitution provides might keep you or me, or our friends/families out of prison in the future.

Better 100 guilty men go free than one Innocent hanged.The bad guys will find their end .
Firefight at Pahrump

Send along my wishes for his speedy recovery. Let him know a former Pinal County, AZ deputy sends his regards. I hate hearing Amazing Grace being played on bagpipes.
Update on the shooting of Officer Murphy @ Terrible's Lakeside, Pahrump NV

Here is the latest Pahrump Valley Times Link Removedre: Officer Murphy's alleged assailant, which states:

Nov. 21, 2008

Crime Corner

Shooter evaluation sought

Tuesday, Sheriff Tony DeMeo and Dep. Eric Murphy sat in the back row of the 5th Judicial District Court while Joseph Lamoureux was brought into the courtroom presided over by Judge John Davis.

Lamoureux allegedly went on a shooting spree Sept. 19, at Terrible's Lakeside RV Park, hitting Murphy three times in the upper body, from an ambush position.

There are 10 charges against Lamoureux, including attempted murder of a sheriff's officer with use of a deadly weapon.

Davis sent Lamoureux out for a complete psychological evaluation and continued the case.

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