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I wanted to review several gun stores that i've visisted and thought maybe some of you guys would want to do the same.

First is Calibers- I think Calibers is an awesome shop good selections. Could use a few more accessories. The staff were helpful and friendly.

Shooters Den- Great selection, helpful clerks.

Ron Peterson's- Great shop, good staff, friendly.

Precision Arms- Mixed experiences, some times the salesman is great but other times (with a different salesman, I think he's the owner) is very rude and seems not to like talking to people very much. Calls you "dude". Sighs every time you ask to see a weapon (even if it's the first you ask to see). I hate going in there but it's just so close to my house lol.

In Roswell theres ZIA`s Traders down on E. 2nd. Unlike the rest Ive been to here they are real Friendly. They will stand around and shoot the sh...B.S. with you , dont mind if your there just to look either.
For Clovis:
R&S Guns: Typically sells higher end weapons, so stock is somewhat more limited. Friendly and helpful with a good selection of holsters and gear.

Crosshairs: Great all around gunshop with friendly staff. More selection and will generally cut a good deal, although some of their tagged prices might be considered a bit high.

Patriot Outdoors: Sells mid to high-end guns (mostly semi-auto pistols and quality rifles). Gun selection is somewhat limited, but you can always get the newest and hottest guns and gear. Great staff that is super friendly. Only gun-range in town! High-quality business all around.

Triangle Hardware: A hardware store that sells a limited number of pistols and some good quality hunting rifles. The staff is friendly, and this is often the only store that people forget to check to find common ammunition that is sold out everywhere else. Also sell safes, gear, and cleaning supplies.

There is another FFL that is mail-order only and that has a website. For some reason I cannot find this info now but will update when it becomes available. They can order any common manufacturer and I believe their prices should be reasonable since they lack the costs of running a shop.

Pawn Shops - Beaulieu Brothers/Goldrush/Others?: Don't buy guns from these people because they are dangerous. Both shops use evaporative coolers and don't oil guns, so rust is abundant. The staff at Beaulieu is UNFRIENDLY and appears to sell guns that are cheap dangerous junk for lots of money. The general atmosphere just breathes no class. I do have a friend that bought a gun from Goldrush and he got an ok price, but the rust issue is still a factor.
For Farmington

Not to happy with Southwest Shooting Authority. They act like they are doing you a favor to wait on you. Very rude.

Don't believe I will set foot in this rat hole again.
Calibers is nice, but I think the pricing at Shooter's Den is better. Sportsmans is stocking again, and their prices have always been good. Any of the aforementioned places have always been helpful with friendly employees.

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