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Is it just me or is the finish on the Ruger LCP kinda crappy? (Standard blue finish)
I am having a awful time with my LCP trying to rust, I have tried several different things, CLP and silicone rags and even the Marine Tuf Cloths and still after 1 day in my pocket holster and I start to see early signs of rust.
Mind you now I do live less than a mile from the ocean and it is hotter than H*LL and I sweat a lot when outside.
My other weapons don't seem to have this problem, not even my P-32.
As a note of interest the Ruger magazines including the one I pocket carry show no signs of rust.
I carry the blue P32 in the same holster and it does not rust so I don't think the holster is the problem.
Any one else noticed this?


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I'm not sure my experience is any more "typical" than yours. I live in a very dry climate (southern Nevada), as opposed to your high humidity climate.

I carry an LCP all day, everyday...either in a pocket holster (Blackhawk #1), or an IWB. My LCP shows no signs of rust.


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It's gotta be the sweat.

I carry my LCP in my pocket at least 5 days a week and live in a high humidity area near the ocean. The finish is perfect. Ditto for a couple of co-workers of mine.

My boss, on the other hand, sweats profusely. His LCP looks like it was buried at the beach for a month. Terrible.


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I'm considering buying new LC9. Twice I've seen the blueing on display models have light spots only on the ejection ports. I've turned both guns down in stores. Is it me or is Ruger having issues?


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I've had that problem with the LCP and LC9 so I just have to make sure I wipe them down after I've been carrying them all day.


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I carry my LCP every day iwb, pocket holster and ankle. When its hot I make a point to wipe it down when I can. Even though the finish is wearing thin around the front sight (from holstering) I have not seen any signs of rust. Same goes goes for my friends P3AT and my wife's P32.


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You could try a product called Fluid Film. I've been noting a lot of LCP's rusting in quite horrible fashion. I'd say it's cause to strip and refinish with something like Duracoat or Cerakote.


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ok so if you want to protect your gun from the sea salt and heat.

get some Militec-1 and lube it with that.

You should be just fine after that.

here is the link

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I think we are getting spoiled by the super finishes on some of the newer guns (Glock Tennifer, etc.) Blued guns rust, that is why the military went to that ugly Parkerizing. My older blued guns all rusted and needed periodical refinishing. That is why I carry Stainless Steel mostly these days. My .22 rifles are all meticulously cleaned and then waxed after every trip out of the gun safe as are my shotguns. IMHO, blued guns look better, but they will always require TLC to keep the rust monster at bay! I find that for a carry gun, waxing works better for the finish than oil. I use good old Johnsons Paste Wax or Simonize (yellow can for either.)


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Good ideas, I will try the Militec and some good ole paste wax.
Just seems like the finish on the LCP is very thin and of a much lesser quality than the finish on the magazine that came with it.
I noticed the magazine said made in Italy and I carry it loose in my pocket every day and it hasn't rusted yet....
My P32 also doesn't rust under the same conditions and care.

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