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How do you go about finding a lawyer? Not because I need one but just so I know who to call if I should need one.... :neo:

I presume you you mean one that would handle gun rights issues or specializes in defending someone that has used a firearm in self defense. I would say check with some of the gun rights organizations like the NRA, GOA, or Second Amendment foundation. They should be able to recommend someone or tell you how to locate someone. I would also check with you local gun clubs.
I had checked online and had little luck. But I was doing a general search. You have some good idea's. I was down to calling everyone in the yellow pages and asking how they feel about the 2nd. Even on the NRA web site was not much info...

Thanks for your reply...
2nd amendment Lawyer

Just search in your city or state. Here is one reference: Link Removed

I belong to the Virginia Civil Defense League, and they provide many references. Maybe you have a similar group in your state. Your right, it's always good to have such information available in advance. Good Luck!
Find a Attorney

I think I'd start with for a search engine. Martindale-Hubbel has a Peer Review of Law Firms and Attorneys. You will want to find some one with a "AV" rating.
AV® Peer Review Rating — An AV® certification mark is a significant rating accomplishment - a testament to the fact that a lawyer's peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence. A lawyer must be admitted to the bar for 10 years or more to receive an AV® rating.
Other ratings are "BV" and "CV". The Alphabet Grades are the Ability Rating and the "V" is for Ethics. V being Very Ethnical.
Good Luck..
Don't be shy... Ask for Recommendations from that Attorney.
Also consider joining Link Removed. For $49.95 per year, you get:
  • An annual membership.
  • A monthly newsletter packed with top techniques and recommendations from experts around the states.
  • Confidence knowing ASDI is there for you, 24/7 should you find yourself in a self defense incident.
  • ASDI will provide an attorney for the first 72 hours after a self defense incident.
These guys specialize in self-defense situations, not just with firearms but ANY self-defense incident where you might find yourself needing a lawyer, quickly. It's a pretty cheap insurance policy, when you look at it. Check 'em out!
My 10-cents; I started off with the local Yellow pages, BF full page ads for 'Amendment Violations' turned out most were ACLU types, no 2nd, but they almost all told me to find an attorney who deals with serious/felony crimes like murder, attempted same, manslaughter, assaults and bodily harm. Their rationale was if I had to retain a lawyer for something a lot more serious than accidentally brandishing or carrying without a permit on me is (normally) more low-end legal problems; lose gun and try to get it back plus maybe a fine & record if it sticks, versus facing what could happen if or when you drop a BG with a gun. So I did, got his card behind my permit and phone # memorized + on my cell. Called him & explained reason for wanting my name put into his data base should I ever end up in jail charged with heavy-hitters.
Not cheap if I ever have to use though, how much is maybe 10-20 years of freedom worth after it all goes pear shaped? Beats a PD who may just want you to cop a plea bargain to a lesser rap just to save their time/work.

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Sorry about double posting the info that rva1911 had posted. Guess I need to learn to read.

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