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So my wife and I were nearly home on the 13th of December when a car in the opposing lanes of the highway jumped the divider and hit us head-on.

Our air bags deployed and thanks to our seat belts, we stayed in the car. The passenger door was open when I regained consciousness. The impact snapped my right femur and crushed the heel like a packet of saltine crackers. Wife got a mild concussion, fractured wrist, broken ankle and extensive bruising.

Two weeks later, we're both out of the hospital and hobbling around the house like octogenarians on our walkers. It's a strange thing.

I can give some free advice to everybody here... don't be a cowboy, buckle your seat belt. It will save you. And try not to break a femur, it really really really hurts when they pin it.

Cheers and happy holidays,


Hang in There

Well, survival can't be too highly over-rated when compared to the alternative. Glad you had a Christmas miracle and am thankful you and the wife are able to hobble.

Merrry Air Bags...I mean Christmas and Best Wishes for the coming New Year (or at least one that is wreck-free)!

Speedy Recovery too!
While I've never been in a big car crash, I do know what a broken hip feels like and I can only imagine that the femur and heel are even worse. So very glad to hear you both made it out alright. Any accident you hobble away from is still something you hobbled away from. I hope you both have a speedy and successful recovery. Happy Holidays!!!!
Very glad to hear you are out of the hospital and on your way to a full recovery! Hopefully it'll be a speedy recovery.
ISHI!! Yow! I am SO glad to hear you and your Bride are OK! And here I thought you were just sick of us and taking some time off! Glad you're back up and around...even if feebly. Feel better soon.
Isha we missed you and now have you in our prayers. Your talent in pennmanship and experience in life add good depth to this group. Get well soon.
An un-avoidable head on! You guys are lucky, tough, or blessed (or all of the above). That is the kind of thing that makes me think of the "steel cage" around me and mine. With the new miles per gallon regulations on the books, I'm expecting the newer models to be fabricated out of used egg cartons. Scary prospect. Now you have some bragging rights that I know you wish you didn't have.
Wow, I'm glad you both are ok and back home! I was in a wreck a couple years ago when a guy turned in front of me from on coming traffic, I t-boned him. Luckily I had my seatbelt on, air bags popped out and I only banged up my knee slightly. I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt. I never really understood why people don't wear them, I mean its there so...
Ishi, I had been wondering what happened to you. I go on vacation and come back and your gone. I'm truly sorry about your accident and very glad you and your wife are going to be ok. We will be adding you to our prayers.

Next time something happens like this can you manage to find your way to one the the hospitals computers and let us know your ok? :D
ishi, my friend!

I am happy to see that y'all are alive, that is tough!!!! we will be praying and thinking of you. keep your powder dry and close by!!:cool:
I noticed you hadn't been around, Ishi. I'm glad that you and your wife are doing better. Just take it easy and let everything heal properly. You'll both be in my prayers.
Great to see you back Ishi! Glad everything's looking up. The wife and I'll keep you in our prayers. Hang in there and hope your 2008 starts off better than 2007 ended!
Thanks for the kind words, everybody. Sometimes a kind word makes a lot of difference in a person's life, and now is one of those times. Happy new year wishes to everyone for a prosperous 2008!


An interesting addendum to my story: Earlier in the day (of my crash), I took my mother out to the shooting range for some practice and to get her familiar with a pistol that I plan on giving her for self-defense (9x18 Makarov PM). She hadn't fired a gun in more than 20 years but she took to it like a pro. I took along my CZ P01 for some practice as well.

On the way home from picking up my wife from work, the crash occurred. The two handguns were in a black pelican case in the back seat. While I was in the emergency room (and having my femur drilled and pinned without any @$#% anasthetic) a state police officer arrived and offered to retrieve my pistols from the wreck, which had already been towed. He was a really friendly guy, and now that I'm out of the hospital he'll be dropping off my guns tomorrow. Really glad to have 'em back!

Also, I have plans to create leather saddlebags for my walker to keep my Makarov PM in. Now that my wife and I are both effectively disabled, being armed seems a better idea than ever. You know, just in case some punk decides that we look like an easy target...


Old gun rack from you pickup would work for a shotgun. Don't forget the backup alarm for you both .Why no pain block for leg work? Glad you are back!
Ishi my brother, I just saw this!!!! WOW... man am I so glad you are here to write this and let us know you and your wife are ok bro.

You're In my prayers.

pat edwards
Dang ISHI, I just saw this too... you and your bride are in my prayers for a quick and full recovery! :D

So, do we need to design you a "walker holster"? :p
I have not been around to know you but I am truly sorry to hear of your accident. You are really fortunate to have had a cop that was willing to take the extra step of takng care of your pistols for you. Take care and speedy recovery.

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