Finally Got The Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact!


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Hello Blooze
Do you know where it located on Beretta's site? I tried to locate it but could not. If you have the link, it would help me a lot.
Thanks and have a Holiday, and a Happy New Year

Well when I just went and looked the site is a bit misleading. It says PX4 Storm Service but then the page itself says it is for the compact. I would recommend checking it anyway and enter your serial number to see what happened. I am going to do some searching and see if I can find the corresponding page for the SC. As a side note I tried to send you a private message with some other information included. PM if you would like to chat about it and I'll see if I can assist you.

Beretta Px4 Storm Service


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I just spoke with one of admins on the Beretta forums. He knows his stuff and he said that there is no program in place from Beretta to replace the reocil springs. With that being said I would contact Beretta and see what they will do for you. There are a few things that might help you work the kinks out though. First, make sure you are using a quality gun lube like Gunbutter or Eezox on all the metal on metal parts in the pistol. If you're unsure of the lube points I can help you with that through private message or email. After lubing the pistol rack the slide back and lock it in place then leave it that way for a few days to help relax the spring. I would also recommend that you buy a box of +p ammo and run those through it. That should help to break the spring in and may solve all of your problems. I hope this helps.


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Hello Blooze
Thanks for the link. I have been shooting the Beretta Px4 compact, and like the service page says apparently the Compact needs a little break in. I spoke to the service center in Connecticut and they said to lubricate the slide. They said my gun already has the new spring. After putting around 400 rounds through the gun, it
is operating fine. The only time I had and issue was firing Remingtor 115gr ammo. Any other heavyer loads are not a problem. I am going to put in my serial number with Beretta service, and see if they say I need the new spring.
I also own the Beretta Px4 Storm full size in 45cal. I only have this as my "fun" gun, as I love shootig the 45 cal. I carry the Beretta Compact 9mm. I love these guns!!! I'm very happy with them and especially like the decocking lever, and trigger disconect. I feel very safe carrying these guns loaded. The quality and fit is top notch. I am kicking around the idea of getting one of their Sub-Compact model.
Again Blooze, thanks

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