Finally found an attorney!


In various forums, apparently some are luckier than I have been in the elusive search for an interested lawyer.

I've written about my frustrations in the past regarding finding an attorney that I can keep in my wallet should I need one in a self defense shooting. EVERY ONE of them either showed no interest in expanding their network of prospective clients or simply said, "call me when you need me." Not exactly the reassurance I was looking for!

Enter the affiliate attorney list of the USCCA - I am taking it for granted that anyone serious enough to be a member of USA Carry is familiar with the Unites Stated Concealed Carry Association Personally, I find it unthinkable to be a member of one and not the other.

However, even the affiliate list of the USCCA did not have a firm covering the Austin, Texas area. They did list the LibertyBell Law GroupLiberty Bell Law Group - A Criminal Law Firm. Although their main office is in Calif., their web site listed partnerships in every state .

I was really hoping to have a face-to-face with a real person, but the correspondence from them was pretty reassuring that representation would only be a phone call away, 24 hours a day. AND they knew who the USCCA is and the workings of the newly implemented Self-Defense Shield!

Now, I have info in my wallet and a step by step procedure for my wife to follow at home (with a copy in each vehicle we own).

Not knowing exactly with whom I would be dealing with in time of need is still a bit unsettling, but at least now I have a name and number!

You might want to check them out.


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Based in Houston Tx. They have a yearly rate to be at your service ;)

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