Filing an Amici Curiae Brief Supporting Heller


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Like everybody on the form, I am more than mildly interested in District of Columbia vs Heller. I am interested in filing an amici curiae brief supporting Heller.

I am not a lawyer, so I would be filing pro se. Having been involved in several civil cases, doing some rather extensive research in legal documents, and writing as a kind of para legal a number of cases where I was the technical expert on the issues of the case, I think I can write legal enough to make my points clear.

I am completing some project work in an area of the county (Bloomburgville) where my personal situation is analogous to Heller’s in the District of Columbia, and I want to provide to the Court that experience to expand their view of the issues.

In reviewing, I can not find

  • the format for
  • the filing date for
  • the method or methods of delivery
to do this.

Are there any lawyers or other legal professionals out there that can answer my questions?

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