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I am looking for an FFL dealer in northern PA that I can send my firearm to from NY. Stationed in Fort Drum, and have a FFL dealer here willing to pickup and ship ( Van Tassels Gunsmithing), but need a dealer willing to receive the weapon and release it to me when I arrive. Provost Marshall seized my weapon when I arrived at FT Drum because you have to possess a NY permit to even possess a firearm. I only had UT, and am being restationed and need it back. NY state says Im **** out of luck and have to get a permit. I currently hold a UT Resident Permit, and do not have time to wait the assinine period for a NY permit due to re-station. Any suggestions or alternate ideas?


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There are plenty. Depends what part of Northern PA. I've used American Sports Shooting in Brodheadsville PA to transfer guns from out of state. Very professional.


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I'm not an expert on the law, but I suspect that if you are not a PA resident, that transaction is illegal.


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I think the only thing you can do is have it shipped to another FFL in a state where a friend or family member can pick it up. They can then mail it to you, providing you are legal to receive it in the state of your residence. And you may have to wait until you establish residency in that state.


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Know what? I take that back. I think you can only ship to an FFL. It gets very confusing. You should just call the ATF. Obviously you're trying to be legal, so I think they would be helpful.

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