Female carry issue

I've just started conceal carry so the holsters that I have bought for my S&W bodyguard .38 may not end up working for me but this is what I have so far: flashbang holster (http://flashbangholster.com/), the belly band holster (Belly Band Holster - The Original Bellyband - Concealment Holsters), a gun purse (Link Removed), maxtuck IWB (Link Removed

the gun purse is designed not to be cut. I don't use this all the time mostly for winter carry while outdoors wear it would be difficult to get to a holster under my clothes. I can have this purse open at the top with my hand resting on my revolver handle while walking through the parking lot. After getting to my destination I switch the gun to whatever my on body holster is for that outfit.

he maxtuck holster is very similar to the crossbreed. After doing some research and seeing this video (
) i decided on the maxtuck. The customer service is GREAT!

I'm also looking into "hip purses for the summer. the purse would be attached to my belt and stay on me all the time. basically it would be an updated feminized version of the awful fanny pack :)
Waist Purse, hip bag, waist pouch
Link Removed

These aren't made for a gun but with a pocket holster I think it would work

Here are some thoughts...

JUMBO VERSIPACK Concealed Carry Sling Bag - MAXPEDITION HARD-USE GEAR Tactical Nylon Gear for Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical Concealed Carry; Tailored to Perform Tactical
Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack - Concealed Carry Sling Bag - Black [MAX0403B] - $55.95 : JABTAC.com, 888.99.JABTAC - Guns, Parts, & Tactical Gear
Link Removed
All of these have a loop on the back that attaches to your belt (in addition to the shoulder strap).
Other shopping searches...
Link Removed
Copy/paste these searches into google. A good leather maker could also convert almost ANY purse with a velcro pocket in the middle...
I don't like the idea of a bra holster personally (like the flashbang). I wear my simple bellyband up around my ribs (it's adjustable) so the pistol is entirely overshadowed by natural endowment (sits just under the bra)and there is absolutely no imprint. Also, this way you can position the gun on the left, the right, or in the middle if you choose and it's not against your skin at all. A size medium accommodates size 32 - 36 I believe.
thanks for this!!! I am a new owner and have been curious about my options...now I'm not feeling so overwhelmed :)
I carry either a 3" 1911 or my Springfield XD Compact (my usual carry, these days), both in .45. I carry both in a Link Removed. They have come out with a less expensive version, the Link Removed. I it in carry appendix carry. Every now and then I will find a pair of pants that it is uncomfortable with, but usually I don't have any issue with that combination. I did give up cute belts when I carry. I opted for a kydex reinforced belt from Comp-tac.

Crossbreeds are some of my favorites as well. I found the Comp-tac had more adjustment options.

Hope that helps! For me, finding something that was comfortable to wear despite my curves was the biggest challenge.
The purse is not the best - purses get grabbed and then you are left with nothing. Carry on your person, if possible.

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