Feg p9r


Took my P9R to the range the other day. I've had it a number of years and have shot it many times, but always with FMJ rounds. Since lately I've decided to use it as a carry and home defense weapon, I wanted to run some JHP through it to satisfy myself that it would feed and eject reliably.
After 30 rounds of Remington 115gr JHP without failure, I was satisfied. I then ran 70 or so Remington 115gr FMJ through it, just to work on my grip and sighting with both strong and weak hands. Once again, she fed, fired and ejected flawlessly. Accuracy was good.
When I first obtained this weapon, I had heard of people having failures to eject due to a weak ejection spring, and my early shoots seemed to bear this out. But after gaining a little more knowledge and experience, I realized that with good cleaning and an avoidance of limp-wristing, the P9R is a very reliable handgun.

If anyone else out there has a P9R, I'd love to hear what you think of it.

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