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I have always had a certain fondness for firearms. Growing up I have many fond memories that involved firearms. I can't count the memories I created with my father, and my grandfather while on weekend hunting trips together. I have never understood the concept of trying to solve the gun problem by removing them from people. Regardless, the current gun laws are what they are, and we all have to go with the flow.

I often wonder how I was responsible enough to carry weapon onto a plane with ammunition in order to serve my country in the middle east, but I am not trusted enough to own the same type of weapon as an American citizen. Living in California means that I have to adhere to some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and it also means that I am legally allowed to possess a fully automatic rifle. This ultimately led me in the direction of trying to create a rifle that I could fire at a rapid rate regardless of the law.

I knew that my rifle of choice was going to be an AR15. Maybe it is the veteran in me, or just the fact that it is such a beautiful weapon, but I have always had a fondness for the M16. I cannot obviously own a M16 legally, so the AR15 is the next best option. I found this page AR-15 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on Wikipedia I found interesting. It covers almost anything one could want to know about the AR15.

As I was browsing the internet I came across an object that seemed to cause a significant amount of controversy a few years ago. This little object is called a bullet button. Believe it or not I have never heard of this thing before I stumbled upon it in an article on the internet a few months ago. It is a button that allows for amazingly quick reloading times. I was amazed at how quickly some people can change an empty clip out with one of these bullet buttons. I found a number of videos which was all it took to sell me on the idea. I found a website called AR 15 Bullet Button Tool | Mag Magnet, Inc. that offers a magnetic button. Has anyone purchased a button from this company before? I am curious about any real life experiences anyone may have had.

I am curious about your experiences with a bullet button. Are they worth all of the hype and investment, or does someone have other suggestions I should consider? I am fairly new to rifles and shooting for sport. I grew up around hunters and only have experience with rifles in that capacity and in the military. I have recently begun to collect weapons and shoot for sport and fun. I am curious what other methods, devices, or tips you folks may have to improve my reload and shooting time.


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Bullet buttons are Kalifornia gun owners response to the I infringements placed on their second amendment rights by the liberals in that state. You won't find anyone outside that state using one if they even know what it is.

Not trying to be rude, but you need to get your information from the Calguns forum. A minor misstep in that communist state of your can mean prison. Don't get your advice here, get it from those that truly know your barbaric laws inside and out then come back and tell us how bad it is there

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The bullet buttons are exactly what Warbirds said. However, the CA laws also say that the tool necessary to remove your mag cannot be attached to your firearm. Therefore, make sure not to chain the bullet button to your AR.

Better yet, move from CA, go to a state where you can depress the mag release with your finger, and not be restricted to the amount of rounds are in your mag. If you don't want to move too far, might I suggest AZ or UT.

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