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Well seeing as how it's my birthday tomorrow and the fact that i can not pick up my real M&P till income tax time Per order's of the loving wife. For the past two days i have had on all of my CC gear, mag pouch,holster and my TDI KA-BAR. So i can get use to the the feel of things. I was thinking about picking up a M&P Airsoft handgun and carrying that around with me( not for SD lol) But just so i can get use to the feel of the gun on my side. NOTE i know it will not help me with feeling the extra weight of the real gun and mags but it will give me a idea of how and what place to carry the gun. What do y'all think?

Not a bad idea. Just be sure that you won't be breaking any laws in the process. There are some funny laws on the books.

Be very careful not to draw the Airsoft if you end up in a SD situation. :eek:

LOL, yes i can see that one right now, Pull my airsoft gun and shot them then they kill me lol. I don't know what you mean about laws. I have a CWP lol so it should be no big deal if i carry it. Not like it's the real thing.For the most part it would be around the house and the yard any way. I want to get use to the feel of it and how to have. As yesterday i jumped in the car and the handle of the TDI Ka-bar dug into my side and let me tell you it hurt like a SOB. For people who do not know what a TDI is here is a photo.

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Here is the one i have.

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Do what you want, just make sure you contribute to our gun porn section, ok? I don't see how you can go wrong with the airsoft, as long as you aren't ever in a real life self defense situation and your airsoft gets mistaken for a real gun.
I don't recall exactly where it was, but I read in a LE publication that there was a city that had a problem with folks using airsoft guns to commit crimes and to harrass others. The city passed an ordinance that restricted the use of airsoft pistols and airguns. Transporting the devices in a public area required them to be cased and unloaded. Bad part of the law was that CC permit holders were not exempt from the law and were getting cited for having airsoft pistols in the back seat of their cars. It was a very messy situation that ended up busting everyone but the intended group of trouble makers.

LOL thats the Good part about NH BABY there are no laws about any thing. Only thing you cant have is throwing knifes, and like one other thing. Even in the states that do have laws the law is for knifes over 6'' i think or around there. This knife can be a pocket knife and they are legal in just about every state. As for the airsoft thing it should not be a problem.
Back-yard fun gone wrong.

I think carrying anything that even looks like a real pistol around your hood is a risky deal depending upon your open-carry laws: state/county & city/town (if that applies), even the paint-ball very close to real looking M-9's and M1911's is a risk I would not take in public here in WA. But knock yourself out! Short story: 3 years ago I ordered a set of throwing knives from Bud-K, neato 8" long hard sharp steel in a black canvas belt-carry case, 2-sets of 3 knives ea. I took them to my M8's home, for a BBQ and some back-yard fun afterwards. We put up a target and all (guys & gals all adults and sober) started chucking these steel darts into the side of their garage/rear-side where the target was pinned up, private and fun right? WRONG! 15 mins went by and we got worse with every try, blunted a few, bent one, but were having a blast! A squad-car with lights flashing pulled into my M8's driveway, a LEO got out and walked up to the fence, asked what we were doing. Having some harmless fun said us! It seems that throwing knives are not legal even if used in the open to public viewing privacy of a back-yard within city limits, a neighbor had actually called 911 claiming we were probably going to throw them at her cats next! Although we did not get a ticket, just a very stern warning, we never had that fun again, one warning was enough that what we were doing should (per Officer Killjoy) have been done in my M8's basement invisible to the panic-prone public, and for our fun I almost lost my knives, my liberty and a date in court. And you want to stroll down around your hood with a fake gun? Then I hope you tell us all about it when someone springs U on bail. :nono:

LOL, Ok you must have missed the WHOLE PART THAT SAID AROUND THE HOUSE AND YARD!!!!!!!!!!!! Second the cops around here do not give a shit about any thing as most of the time they have to much to do as it is. Another thing lol they would never even know i had it on me As it would be CONCEALED!!. Even if the cops did get called because some one happened to see it when my shirt came up. Not like when they stop you they ask you to pull the gun out so they can look at it. It's a 1to1 rep of the real thing so they would have no idea. Whats more is Under NH law all i have to give them is my name and address to proof that i am a NH Res if i wanted to do open carry with it. I could see how it maybe a problem if i pull it out and flash it around every 10sec's but like i said they will never know. I mean i had mY m4 rap4 paintball gun in the car and the cop was thinking it was real. So i think i will be ok.
Not sure about NH, but here in the good ole commonwealth of VA, concealing of an airgun or airsoft gun is the same charge as concealing an actual handgun. When I was 18 I caught a charge for carrying a concealed weapon when I had a Gamo pellet gun pistol concealed in my tackle box (damn copperheads were everywhere). Fortunately the ADA was cool and threw out the case. I guess it's cool at home, just don't go outside with it.

Oh, and nice choice on the TDI knife. I have the ankle rig for mine and carry it on my off-side ankle (helps balance the Kahr on my other ankle :yes4:)

Check out this website for other great concealed/backup knives, they are functional and you can hide them anywhere. You are being forwarded to
Found this on New Hampshire knife laws

New Hampshire -

- 159:16. Carrying or Selling Weapons. Whoever, except as provided by the laws of this state, sells, has in his possession with intent to sell, or carries on his person any stiletto, switch knife, blackjack, dagger, dirk-knife, slung shot or metallic knuckles shall be guilty of a misdemeanor; and such weapon or articles so carried by him shall be confiscated to the use of the state.

- 159:15. Possession of Dangerous Weapon While Committing a Violent Crime. I. A person shall be guilty of a class A misdemeanor if that person uses or employs slung shot, metallic knuckles, billies, or other deadly weapon as defined in RSA 625:11, V during the commission or attempted commission of a violent crime.

- 159:24. Sale of Martial Arts Weapons.
I. "Martial arts weapon" means any kind of sword, knife,
spear, throwing star, throwing dart, or nunchaku or any
other object designed for use in the martial arts which
capable of being used as a lethal or dangerous weapon.
II. Any person who shall sell, deliver, or otherwise
transfer any martial arts weapon to a person under the age
of 18... shall be guilty of a misdemeanor... [exempts
parents, guardians, and those to whom they give written

- 159:3 Convicted Felons.
I. A person is guilty of a class B felony if he:
(a) Owns or has in his possession or under his control, a... metallic knuckles, billies, stiletto, switchblade knife, sword cane, blackjack, dagger, dirk-knife, or other deadly weapon as defined in RSA 625:11, V; and
(b) Has been convicted in either a state or federal court in this or any other state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or any territory or possession of the United States of:
(1) A felony against the person or property of another; or
(2) A felony under RSA 318-B; or
(3) A felony violation of the laws of any other state, the District of Columbia, the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico or any territory or possession of the United States relating to controlled drugs as defined in RSA 318-B.
II. The state shall confiscate to the use of the state the weapon or weapons of persons convicted under this section.
III. It is an affirmative defense to a charge under this section that a felony of which a defendant has been convicted in another jurisdiction would not have constituted a felony in the state of New Hampshire at the time such felony was committed.

- 625:11 General Definitions.
V. "Deadly weapon'' means any firearm, knife or other substance or thing which, in the manner it is used, intended to be used, or threatened to be used, is known to be capable of producing death or serious bodily injury.
VI. "Serious bodily injury'' means any harm to the body which causes severe, permanent or protracted loss of or impairment to the health or of the function of any part of the body.
Yeah i got all that already lol, like i said for the most part there are no laws on this stuff. In the law it does not say it's illegal to own just says it's illegal to us it while doing a crime. Only thing you cant have is Auto knifes, and throwing knifes. Unless you are a Cop,EMS, or fire fighter, full time or ,vol then you can own auto knifes.
Oh and thanks about the knife, Love it. I carry it on my weak side with my mags so i can keep one hand on top of the gun if some one. Is trying to pull it out/take it away i can keep it in and draw my knife with the left hand and cut there hand or what ever need be done. It's a good knife they have the 6' ones but that was to big for me as i like small knifes. I have had it about 2 to 3 months now and have only almost had to use it one time. Me and my family went for a walk in the park and a dog started running at my little one. Showing his teeth and the whole 10 yards. So my hand went on it ready to draw and keep him from eating my little one. But his master got him before he got to her. So i did not have to use it THANK GOD!!
Yeah i got all that already lol, like i said for the most part there are no laws on this stuff. In the law it does not say it's illegal to own just says it's illegal to us it while doing a crime. Only thing you cant have is Auto knifes, and throwing knifes. Unless you are a Cop,EMS, or fire fighter, full time or ,vol then you can own auto knifes.

Is an auto knife the semantically correct name of what antis like to refer to as "switchblades?"
yeah for the most part. But not really as a switchblade is a knife name not all auto knife have that name. Most Good autos now a days are made by benchmade. S&W does make a few but i still think that benchmade makes the best. I really do not see the big deal as a Assisted open knife will do just as good of a job as a auto. I know with the switchblade you push the button and it opens and push it down and it shuts. I have not used new Auto knifes so i am not really sure how they work.

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