Federal HST good carry ammo?


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wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the ammo/reloading section. hopefully here is ok seeing as how it should be in my carry gun.

I found this today when I was searching for some good carry ammo to replace some of the old style HP I am using now. the pictures are impressive enough to give the federal hst some serious thought in my opinion. anyone have any thoughts or experience with it?


I just ordered some Federal HST for my .45's after reading this Wound Ballistics Workshop from July of last year. I've got to give it a try!

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It seems to be a top performer! :03:
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I read about the Federal HST round in one of my magazines last week. Very impressive. It's like a mini buzz saw going through flesh and bone. Time to make some inquires and see who has it in our area.
Federal HST is also my pick!

I have carried only Federal HST in my carry gun (.40 S&W) for a long time. I also weigh each round on my digital scale when I get the ammo. That will tell me if the gunpowder was left out of a round. The last 20 round box I bought weighed within .6 of a grain between the heaviest and lighest round in the box, that's quality. It's relatively expensive so I carry it a lot and shoot it little. At my local gun store it is about $21.50 plus taxes for a 20 round box. I am able to load my own .40 S&W practice ammo for about 12 cents a round.
Federal Ammo

The Federal HST ammo is great. I keep in loaded in my kimber ultra carry. I have one mag of that, and one mag of Winchester Ranger Bonded Ammo. both 230 GR. Check out this site, you cant go wrong.

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hope this helps. by the way, if you order from here-you will not be dissapointed. service is great!
Questions about ammo deserve numbers in replies.

Here are numbers from LE testing in 2003 Link Removed.

Heavy Clothing
All bullets performed well in Heavy Clothing. Federal HST again demonstrated the designed expansion characteristics and outperformed all tested rounds for expansion.
Bullet Caliber/Weight Penetration Expansion Retained Weight
Federal HST 45 ACP 230 gr. 14.0” 0.850” 99.65%
Federal HST 40 S&W 180 gr. 13.0” 0.788” 101.56%
Federal HST 9mm 147 gr. 13.75” 0.689” 102.38%
Federal HST 9mm 124 gr. 12.0” 0.709” 102.26%

Heavy Clothing
All bullets once again performed as designed in Heavy Clothing.
Bullet Caliber/Weight Penetration* Expansion* Retained Weight*
Federal HST 40 S&W 180 gr. 12.67” 0.80” 102.98%

IWBA 4 Layer Denim
The IWBA 4 Layer Denim test is not part of the FBI Test protocol, but was requested. The IWBA 4 Layer Denim test shows the rounds performance when shot through 4 layers of Levi Denim material.
Bullet Caliber/Weight Penetration* Expansion* Retained Weight*
Federal HST 40 S&W 180 gr. 14.17” 0.73” 101.41%

I've carried HST ammo for somtime now and its great. No problems firing out of my xd 45 service. The star shape they make looks like it would do alot of damage too!
See I used the search feature !!!

It's been awhile since this thread was posted, but considering the price increases in .45 ACP ammunition I just purchased 5 boxes of 50 rounds of this "tear em up, buzz saw, flesh consuming, bone crushing, spine disabling, ammunition.

It was $39.99 a box of 50. That was way better than the other JHP stuff on the shelf at the retailer I just visited.

I'll fire off 150 of these in my 1911's and report back with a range report, accuracy, feeding and extracting liability AAR.
I use it in my Kahr PM9 and in my Sig 239. Excellent ammo. Shoots great at the range and the ballistic test results are impressive. Hard to find. Bought a box of 50 at Gun Gallery in Jacksonville FL. They did not restock it because they could not get it from Federal. I ordered my latest box from www.streitchers.com (another post has the web site as well). It was backordered for over 6 weeks. My 9mm came in but the .45 HST ammo for my H&K is still on backorder. It is worth the wait, however.
I carry federal in my 1911, i like the federal hst in .45 cal they are very nice and effective shot a pig head i got from the butcher and did more damage than any other .45 round except the extreme shok brand.I tested stardire, golddot, golden sabers these were a little disapointing. I would actaully suggest the extreme shok fang face ammo for 9mm or the air freedom round. I dont really like the 9mm myself to much shoot through and not enough energy transfer but i would have to say the extreme shock fixed that

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