Federal agency warns of radicals on right

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Federal agency warns of radicals on right - Washington Times

Has anyone read this article about the report that was recently published by the Gestapo, eh-hem, errr department of homeland security.

My God, where did we go wrong? What is our country coming to?

I gotta tell ya, I'm getting sick and tired of hearing the excuse of "it's because he's a black president." I could give two rats what his skin color is - doesn't mean squat to me. What does matter is character, or lack thereof. The Left - the liberals as we call them today, are the socialists of yesterday, but with a new name.

One thing has to change - it's great to hear that we have millions of new gun owners, but the reason why needs to be clarified. Two reasons: I think those people are exercising their second amendment rights while they still can, and secondly, to show the current administration and all their cronies that we remember the civil war, and it's actually reasonable to fear the new government and their totalitarian socialist agenda.

I hope that Americans today are strong enough to stand up and let their voices be heard in opposition of the direction our politicians are taking this country. Sadly, too many Americans believe we have a true democracy, when in fact they simply don't understand that we're a republic and our elected officials don't represent us, rather they're loyal to their parties as a means of self-preservation in Washington in hopes of rising to greater positions of power.


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So supporting States rights, the rights of individuals, limiting the power of the Federal Government and ending to slow march to totalitarianism makes one a radical right winger? Sign me up. I'll be in good company, since George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (to name a couple-I'm sure you guys can come up with a few more) also supported the same prinicples.

On a side note, when the Department of Homeland Security was first created, I was concerned that it would turn into this-an organization that labels any group that disagrees with the government as potential terrorists. Once labeled as a terrorist group, the government has given itself massive powers (Patriot Act etc.) to spy on, detain, and otherwise harrass said group and its members. At no point in our Nation's history has the 2nd Amendment been more important...and had so many enemies.
BELLEVUE, WA – A volatile “assessment” of so-called “Rightwing Extremism” by the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is an insult to political conservatives, military veterans and American gun owners, and demands an immediate apology, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“We recognize that many conservative gun owners will feel threatened by this Obama administration report,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “It appears that DHS under Janet Napolitano is trying to demonize political dissent.”

The chilling nine-page document likens citizens opposed to new firearms restrictions, returning veterans and conservatives to “rightwing extremists” and associates them with white supremacists and violent antigovernment groups.

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction,” he continued. “We feel the appropriate reaction is through the ballot box and jury box. Conservative American citizens shouldn’t be pushed into any acts that could be exploited by the administration to further its agenda. If there are any acts of violence that occur because of the Obama Administration policy of chilling dissent, they bear the blame as much as the perpetrators.

“Anyone in the administration trying to use this technique should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Gottlieb stated. “This administration needs to be reminded that its words and actions have consequences, and irresponsible statements, reports and actions fuel fires that are counterproductive to democracy in America.

“The authors of this assessment are pushing an ‘Us-against-Them’ philosophy,” he said. “They, along with Secretary Napolitano, owe every conservative American, every veteran and every gun owner who supports limited government an apology.

“It’s ironic,” Gottlieb concluded, “that President Obama’s friend, William Ayers, is a leftwing terrorist bomber, but nothing in this report suggests monitoring his activities.”

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This is a first step in condemning us before taking away our rights. The Brits and King George did it in 1773. The patriots were too radical and had to be disarmed. Funny thing was, they were farmers and hunters and businessmen, just like us. They weren't extremists, except to the British governemnt, who realized they were losing control.

Now we have a guy who kills 3 cops while claiming that he was afraid the government was going to take away his guns. Beautiful! Fell right into the left-wing conspiracy trap. "See? These gun nuts are dangerous. And Glenn Beck is responsible, with his anti-government rhetoric!" Does that sound stupid? Well, it was actually claimed by our wonderful liberal officials.

We're being set up, guys - this is the 2nd report generated that warns law enforcement of the possibility of "right wing extremists trying to ake over the government." And do you know what's scary about this? It ain't the gang-bangers, the criminals, the mob or the Mexican drug lords they're talking about. It's US! Do you believe the 2nd Amendment gives you the right to keep and bear arms? You're an extremist! Do you believe in the Constitution as a solid, unchangeable document that made this country what it (was)? You're a terrorist!

Laugh all you want. I am NOT a conspiracy nut! But you have to be blind not to see the writing on the wall today. The current administration will do everything they can, wtih help from the Brady Center and other groups, to make you and I look so dangerous that the only recourse they have is to make Draconian laws that neutralize all of us. It's happening as we speak, and if you are able to read the news or watch it on TV, you cannot deny it.

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