Federal 12Ga. ammo issue


God Bless Our Troops!!!
My son bought some Federal Shotgun ammo at the BX today.
One of the shells is pretty much totally unusable. The end crimp is so bad I don't think it will even chamber. Shot was spilling out of the end of the shell

These are 12Ga. 2 3/4 inch 1 oz. #8 shot

Federal Game-Shock


Here is the info from the box flap
H121 8

I will be contacting Federal about this as I feel this serious safety and quality issue.

Huh. I buy that exact same ammo quite a bit for trap shooting. I've went through dozens of cases, and have never encountered any problems with any federal.
Any body got a number for Federal?

Just fishing for a good customer service number.
I Called Federal

I called Federal and have not received a response back from them. I will call again tomorrow and try again.
Sounds like a bad crimp that quality control missed. I've had a few like that on some of my reloads but never found a factory mistake.

Federal Cartridge Company
900 Ehlen Drive
Anoka, MN 55303-7503
Fax: (763) 323-2506
I quit using Federal 12Ga ammo years ago.......... I was using it deer hunting, and shot one at less than 20yd using 12Ga Federal 00buck ammo, in a power line right of way. Knocked the deer down 4 times. there was no blood, just hair, and shot with hair in it........... I switched ammo, to Winchester, I had no
problems downing a deer agian with only one shot, no matter what the yrdage was ( withen reason of course)................
Federal shotgun ammo follow up

It has been a while and federal has made no attempt to return my call or to e-mail me. They are off the Festus family Christmas card list!:93:

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