Fear Not, Valued Chili's Customer, Second Amendment Man Will Save You

This is hillarious!! Wonder if Mr. Kotz has ever heard of the Luby's masssacre... an event that was NOT SO funny! In fact it was a tragedy, especially since there was an individual in the resturant that day back in October of 1991 who carried a gun with her all the time. BUT, she had left the gun in her car when she met her parents at Lubby's for lunch that fateful day.

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By Pete Kotz in Kotz, Law and Order, Legislature, Politics
Thursday, Jun. 11 2009 @ 5:59AM

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Artist's rendering of me, only I don't really have the cool hair or the headband or the muscles. But I do have the gun. Oh yes, I have the gun.

You will not notice me, the unassuming man presumably having a nice dinner with his wife in a booth. Only it won't be my wife. After my second divorce, I moved in with my mom.

Playing the role of wife will be Margie. I met her at the shooting range. It's strictly platonic, though in her eyes I detect the glint of unfettered desire. This is understandable. I am a hero. Or at least I'm about to be.

I have been waiting for this moment, for the legislature to allow me to bring my gun to Chili's. You may not know this, but Chili's is dangerous. Think of Fallujah, only with Southwestern Eggrolls. At any moment a gang of swarthy men -- and they will be swarthy -- will burst through the door bent on robbery, rape or misdemeanor public nuisance. It happens all the time. So I have positioned myself with keen sightlines to door and cash register.

You will be startled when they arrive. Perhaps they'll be a rogue band of Crips. Perhaps they'll be Kurdish separatists aiming to destabilize the mid-priced chain restaurant industry. You will quake and quiver. Weeping cannot be ruled out. For you have chosen to forsake your Second Amendment rights. You're a moron. Thankfully for you, I am not.

I will leap from the booth at the speed of sound or light, whichever's faster. I will assume a spread-eagle shooter's position. I will look very cool. But in the flash of a moment when it all goes down, you will not have time to admire me. I will dispatch the intruders with a marksman's precision, a bullet between each of their eyes.

Only when it's all over, after I've strode gallantly from the premises -- and Chili's has naturally comped my meal -- will you ask yourself, "Who was that brave, brave man? And is he currently dating anyone?" But by that time I will already be back in my mom's basement, cleaning my weapons and basking in the satisfaction of a job well done.

I am Second Amendment Man. I will save you.

Mr. Kotz, before you dismiss the possibility of a gunman busting into a Chili’s endangering your life and every other persons in the restaurant… perhaps you should take a look at the actual facts of the Luby’s massacre.

The Luby's massacre was a mass murder that took place on October 16, 1991 in Killeen, Texas, when George Jo Hennard drove his pickup truck into a Luby's Cafeteria and shot and killed 23 people, wounded another 20 and then committed suicide by shooting himself. Suzanna Gratia Hupp had actually brought a handgun to the Luby's Cafeteria that day, but had left it in her vehicle due to the laws in force at the time, forbidding citizens from carrying firearms. According to her later testimony in favor of Missouri's HB-1720 bill and in general, after she realized that her firearm was not in her purse, but "a hundred feet away in [her] car". (More)


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I was about to post a big, fat WTF? but then I clicked the link and read the comments. Wow. There are still some incredibly stupid people in the Volunteer State.

One of the shining counter examples to the stupidity is this incredibly salient and irrudite comments.
Wildfire said:
WOW! The REAL writer was Libtard Man (The name was changed to protect the Liberal agenda).

I wonder why he ued Chili's for “dangerous”, in his little fugue, instead of using maybe Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, TX? ( Luby's massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) Or Wendy’s in Queens, NY? ( Wendy's massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )
Or maybe San Ysidro, CA McDonald’s? ( San Ysidro McDonald's massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )
That would have made Libtard Man’s fantasy sounded so much more realistic!

I wonder why Libtard Man “forgot” to use a REAL Second Amendment Man AKA Thomas Glee Terry and Shoney’s Family Restaurant? ( Link Removed )

History and facts seems to disagree with Libtard Man’s fantasy scenario of “armed resistance will only make it worse”:

Unarmed Columbine (with 5 SWAT Teams on scene and many other cops): 13 murdered/ 24 injured.
Protected by Second Amendment Man: Pearl High School (ARMED vice-principal held the killer until the police FINALLY arrived): 3 murdered/7 injured

Unarmed Virginia Tech (Most victims were murdered AFTER the police were “on scene”): 32 murdered/23 injured
Protected by Second Amendment Man: VA Appalachian School of Law (2 ARMED students held the killer until the police FINALLY arrived): 3 murdered/ 3 injured.

Unarmed Luby’s Cafeteria: 23 murdered/20 injured.
Protected by Second Amendment Man: Shoney’s Family Restaurant (ARMED diner stopped the killers and waited until the police FINALLY arrived): even with multiple armed assailants and 21 hostages no innocent was harmed and assailants were stopped by Concealed carry ARMED CITIZEN Thomas Glenn Terry.
Final Tally:
Unarmed resistance -68 murdered/ 67 injured
Protected by Second Amendment Man: 6 murdered/ 10 injured

All of us can name 5 U.S. “Gun-Free Zone” massacres; can you name 5 “Gun-RICH Zone” (Gun shows, shooting ranges, police stations, etc.) massacres?

Annoy a Libtard: Use Facts and Logic, Work, succeed, be armed, protect your family, cherish your Freedoms, don’t rely on the god of Government.

Remember: Mexico is “Gun-Free”


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My version:

My wife and I sit down after a long day on the job to enjoy an evening out together. She is complaining because, as a vegetarian, she has a very limited selection, but it is my turn to choose the resturant. We order drinks, she has water, of course, I want a coke, but I order iced tea, to avoid the sugar. Just as the waitress puts down our drinks, we hear a loud bang - bang and shouting and screaming. Confused, the adrenalin hits and we both duck beneath the table....looking for a way out. We both draw our guns, mine an 8045 Mini Cougar, hers a 9mm Baby Eagle, and try to make our way to the delivery door, shaking and crawling along the floor, finger still off the trigger. Our way is blocked, he raises his shotgun, funny, I notice it is too short with a slight crack in the stock, something I would not normally have noticed. I still have no idea what he looks like. My vision narrows and I fire 2 shots, center of mass, which I later find out is 4, 3 of which hit. I also later find out he has 2 9mm slugs in him as well, she's always been better than me. The way is clear, but I turn covering her escape. she screams come on!!
We make it out of the door and run. We get clear, behind the cover of an SUV, then the adrenal dump happens, my vision turns blue, she sits down shaking. I'm cold until I hear the sirens and squealing tires, I almost make the fatal mistake of raising my weapon, but my rational brain has enough control to make me drop it. We raise our hands on command, I tell my wife do not speak without a lawyer and repeat it loudly to the officers. I still really can't hear from the ringing in my ears. They seperate us and I beg the officer to make sure the .45 rounds were the kill shots so at least she can sleep, I know I won't be able to for a long time...........

Let's pray this stays a work of fiction.........


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This might be something good to turn into a letter directed towards your state govt, if you have these kinds of gun laws prohibiting you from carrying in places where you might need it...


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In Texas, the state only bans you from carrying in a business if they make 51% or more of their revenue from alcohol sales. Businesses have the right to ban guns from their premises, but violating that policy is only a trespassing issue, if I understand the law correctly. As always, keep it concealed and remember that your conscience is the higher authority. You can always choose to eat somewhere else.


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Same as in TN, but ALL establishments that serve alcohol are carry zones now. Funnily enough, the bartender at my favorite watering hole gives me a big hug when I walk in, then he pats my waist to make sure that I AM carrying.


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WOW. Some people fill with real hate. Over the fact that some people would like the right to choose for them self if their life is worth protecting. Calling people who want the right to carry "Gun Nuts" "Nut Cases" Someone even said that someone with a carry permit who got made in a dinner would being shooting everyone. Yet another person Lumped all Concealed carrier's in with the nut cases who commit the mass shootings in the first place. Just because i own one of two firearms ( lol i don't yet) does not make me a bad person or some gun crazy gun nut who wants to kill everyone i see. Same goes for Concealed carry because i want to carry a weapon to keep my self and my family safe I must be a gun nut. Now to me a gun nut is someone who sits at home all day cleaning and dry firing their firearms and plays war games with them self's. It really hurts me to know people think law Enforcement's job is to protect me! WRONG their job is to respond after the fact not before.

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