Favorite gun shop in Cola/Lex area.


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I've been looking around and have found a few. Some I like some I don't. Just looking for different shop I may not have found yet.

I live in the upstate and occasionally travel to Columbia. The only one I have ever been to in Columbia is Shooter's Choice. Being this is farely popular around that area, you have probably already heard of them or visited. Shooter's Choice has in indoor range.

Another I have not visited yet, but definitely will in the near future is Palmetto State Armory. I have heard good things about them. They have a website also. Looks like fairly good prices.
Shooters Choice does have a large selection of weapons. I recently bought a new Glock & did a lot of research in the Lex/Cola area. Best gun price I found was at Lexington Guns. They have a decent selection of new & used guns. If not in stock they will order. I've seen them match other prices too. They also except trades. It's a new range on HWY. 378 on Batesburg side of Lex. Has a nice/clean indoor range. Personel are friendly & helpful. They also offer CWP and other classes. Phone # = 803.785.4867. I don't work there but go fairly often. Always a good experience.
Went to Palmetto State Armory on Saturday. Descent selection, just small shopping area that was very congested.
Thanks guys. I've been to those. Just wandering if there were any I have missed that would be worth checking out.

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