fatal shooting at a colledge today


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woman shoots two students today at louisiana colledge? whats next:(

when will they learn about these gun free zones? = shooter safe zones

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Officers ran into the building within four minutes of the first 911 call, which came at 8:36 a.m., he said.

"when seconds count, the police are only minutes away"
Officers ran into the building within four minutes of the first 911 call, which came at 8:36 a.m., he said.

"when seconds count, the police are only minutes away"

+1 My thoughts also! This is the second fatal shooting I've read about today in a gun free Zone. The other happened in a police station/city hall.
I am all for doing away with so called gun free zones, I think it would make some BG think twice. but as far as the city hall shooting the police were on site so it would not have made a difference the IDIOT was on a suicide mision.
Its a wonderful idea to get rid of gun free zones. I'm all for the wild west dont mess with anyone because we are all armed type of world. I love polite society. Unfortunately I can hear the nonsensical stupid arguments now about keeping gun free zones. "If we let everyone carry their guns into places that are meant to be safe, there is bound to be more problems", "More guns equals more danger", "Its going to be a shooting match against a possible shooter and the inocent will pay", etc, etc, etc. As much as I would hope that people are getting a better understanding of gun-free zones. I worry that all these shootings are just making people more anti gun and wanting of a police state. HMM guess we will have to wait and see
gun free zones

yes the police were there and the perp took out the unsuspecting opposition first. this shooter had been there many times before at these town hall meetings. he knew the building layout, where his targets would be and probably exactly where the police officers would be at as well. Thats one reason i am for concealed carry verses open carry. One who is carrying concealed wont be his first target and will be there to neutralize the situation before the body count gets so high. Here in Va most of our high schools have school resource officers to make our schools safe, but the way i see it he is the first target and the additional resource of an additional firearm and ammo for a shooter to continue on his rampage. i just dont like gun free zones . our government needs to make it legal to carry everywhere so these actions will be supressed. look at vermont they dont even need a permit and have the lowest crime rate.
Rip to the three ladies, Give our students bearing rights to protect themselves!

I dont know if any of you remember a college shooting that happened two laborday weekends ago at shepherd univ. in west virginia. Well ironicly yours truely was on of the main eye witnesses including my girlfriend. This is one of my main reasons for me obtaining a ccw. I watched every shot, and every kill with my own eyes. As the father took his own life he looked me square in the eye.
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"gun free zones" is the same as saying "safe for bad guy zones". does anyone who makes these decisions have half a brain to figure that out?
Obviously I agree with all. How hard is this for the government to figure out. When is the last time a shooting happened in an area that wasn't a gun free zone?

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