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This oughta get your blood pressure up:

Between December 2007 and June 2009, USA Today reported December 10, the number of federal employees earning more than $100,000 annually increased 46 percent to 382,758. Those making more than $150,000 rose 119 percent to 66,538. Only one Transportation Department employee scored more than $170,000 as the recession began. By last June, that number had soared to 1,690.

Meanwhile, federal salaries during the recession grew 6.6 percent and now average $71,206. This far outran the 3.9 percent growth in paychecks for both those in state and local government (average: $54,101) and those in the private sector (average $40,331). Big-government advocates weep that those who serve Uncle Sam do so for less than what they can earn at private companies. While this may be true for senators and cabinet secretaries, these data clearly show that typical federal employees make way more than the private workers who pay their bills — in fact, 76.5 percent more.

While Americans endure 10 percent unemployment and widespread economic anemia, for federal bureaucrats and their congressional enablers, this remains a long, lazy summer at Versailles, circa 1788. Washington has no apparent shame, nor self control, nor even a sense that it might be patriotic to snatch just a little less. Washington’s overriding principle seems to be that the American people can go to hell, so long as their tax payments keep coming. Bonnie and Clyde were mere shoplifters compared to today’s federal kleptocratic class.

Don't tell me we don't have a ruling aristocracy. Off with their heads!! :hang3:

And last year, even though I received a great review, my company was unable to give any type of raise/cost of living increase and then we took a 3% pay cut. We did get our 3% back a couple months ago.

Could be worse, glad I'm not part of the 10%+ not working.
I have to agree. My job sucks enough that you can probably hear it down there in Tampa Bay, but at least I'm working. Always looking, but working.

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