Fastest gunman ever!


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Bob Munden amazes me. I was just looking on his site and checking out some of his world records. the man must have been born with a gun in his hand! I wasn't even aware that they took shooting records out of the Guinness Book of Records. how lame is that?

Yeah Bob is as cool as they get with a six shooter. I'm happy if I can get my SAA out of the holster smooth let alone fast. He shoots his gun with a cyclic rate and accuracy that beats modern bangers anytime. He is quite the legend. He still does a few tours here and there, mostly he stays up at his place in Montana. Turns out he is one of the finest gunsmiths out there to boot. His single action jobs are highly sought after, something I'll probably aim to get myself some day if he is still doing it. Its a great example of the true will and power of the SAA, in the right hands, and below 6 shots.
Fastest Gun Ever

WOW! Awsome times. I would love to see him shoot.

But, I guess I would have to film it and watch in super slow motion to see anything!
I'm trying to find some of his stuff for download. I've seen him on some specials on tv where they show amazing things. he took 2 baloons and spaced them, I don't know maybe 10 feet apart, and with his single action revolver he took his gun from his holster, cocked it, then you hear only one bang, and both baloons are gone.. then the replay on the super slow mo. obviously he had to shoot, recock and shoot again all from his hip... man what a bad ass!.

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