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Act A Fool

2 Fast 2 furious
I'm to fast for y'all

2 Fast 2 Furious
2 Fast..aww

You just came home from doin' a bid
Tell me what you gonna do
Act a fool
Somebody broke in and cleaned out your crib
Boy, whatchya gonna do?
Act a fool
Just bought a new pair and they scuffed your shoes
Tell me whatchya gunna do? act a fool
now dem cops trying to throu u in da county blues
boy, watchay gonna do?
Act a fool

Talkin' bout traps, cops, and robbers
It's 911 please call a doctor!
Evacuate the building and trick the pigs
Since everybody wanna piece of me, we gonna split ya wigs
See some fool slipped up and over stepped his boundaries
You about to catch a cold?
Stay the F around me
Your peeps talkin' bout wat kinda junk he on
You disappear like poof,
witch be gone
You think they gonna catch me?
Gimme a break
I'm supercharged with a hide-away license plate
It seems they wanna finger print me and gimme some years
They'll only get one finger while I'm shiftin' gears
I got suade on my roof, wood grain on the dash
Sheep skin on the rug, only grainin' the stash
Hydrolics all around me, so i shake the ride
We go front, back, and side to side

Some boy just tripped up and made ya spill your drink
Tell me watchya gonna do-
Act a fool
Now your car just stopped on an empty tank
Boy, watchya gonna do?
Act a fool
If you got late bills and you lost your job
Tell me whatchyour gonna do-
Act a fool
If your about to get drunk and you ready to mob
Boy, watchya gonna do?
Act a fool

Lets take it to the streets cause I'm ready to cruise
Just bought me and my car all some brand new shoes
And the people just stare, so I love to park it
And I just put a computer in the glove compartment
With my pedal to the floor, radar on the grill
TV in the middle of my steerin' wheel
It's my car's birthday so we blowin' them candles
More speakers in the trunk then my ride can handle
Got my name on the head rest- read it and weep
NOS tank in the back, camel hair on the seat
And when I pull up to the club, I get all the affection
'Cause the women love the paintin'- they can see their reflection
I'm about to take off so F what you heard
'Cause my side mirrors flap like a F'in bird
And the fools, we gonna clock one and we'll pop one
'Cause my folk ridin' hot with a shot gun

You just got hustled for a wad of cash
Man, watchya gonna do?
Act a fool
Now your friends just smoked up your brand new stash
Say watchya gonna do-
Act a fool
Now them girls up the block still running their mouth
Boy, watchya gonna do?
Act a fool
If anybody talk bad bout the dirty south
Tell me what I'm gonna do-
Act a fool

I got my eyes wide shut and my trunk wide open
I did donuts last week and the streets still smokin'
See, I'm up on anti-freeze and my car is tipsy
Im on the off ramp doin' bout a hundred and fifty
Rollin' through East Bay, on my way to Ben Hill
Slide a 5 to the junkie to clean my windshield
Got the whole crew ridin' and we startin' some junk
I even got a trailer hitched with the barbeque pit
Now all you wanna do is get drunk and pout
Plus your new name is Fire 'cause we stomped you out
And yeah, we blow trees and bees, that's fantastic
So girls hold yo weaves while I'm weaving through traffic
I kicked to fifth gear and tear the road apart
You be like Lil' John Q and get a change of heart
It's 1 mission, 2 clips, and some triple beams
I'm about to blow this whole joint up to smithereens

The pot holes in the street just bent ya rims
Tell me whatcha gonna do?
Act a fool
Man, that ain't sticky, that's just sticks and steams
Boy, whatcha gonna do?
Act a fool
Catch your man with another witch up in your bed
Ladies, whatcha gonna do?
Act a fool
If the bottles are all gone and your eyes are red
Boy, whatcha gonna do?
Act a fool!!!!!!!

2 fast...2 furious
2 fast
Act a fool!!!

2 fast... 2 furious
2 fast
Act a fool!!!!!


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I think the whole idea of this opperation was ludacris from the get go. Hense the reference to the song above. :lol:


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The highest echelons of the Obama administration knew all about Gunrunner/Fast and Furious back in March, 2009.

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Funny how nearly all the major news networks aren't giving this story any coverage. Their still in bed with the annointed one. Gonna follow him right off that cliff.

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