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:pleasantry: I got the wife, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law's dad, friend of wife and friend of friend of wife to take the ccw class and pass. Now they are all waiting or are in the process of getting their license for Ohio. :biggrin:

I applied for my PA. permit on 3/1. Today, the 17th, I got a letter from my local PD stating they are offering a free firearms class for all residents applying to carry, including Pa. Uniform Firearms Act, when deadly force may be used, civil liability, and my responsibilities as the owner of firearms. I know when I dropped the app off- they (Sheriffs Office) are having RECORD amounts of applications since the election of Nobama!
Good thing, charliej47!

My wife is about to get her license.

Her mother is joining us in the backyard tomorrow to do some plinking with a few guns. It's a joy working with others, practicing and learning self defense while we can!
Upstate NY our sheriff's department gives home fire arm safety courses (free) that last about 2.5 hours.I found that it really worked well for me as I went through getting my ccw license. You get a certificate at the end of the 2.5 class and you can insert a copy with your ccw application. Is this done else where. If not. I can see if I can hook you up with the deputy sheriff here and he can net work with the sheriff department where you are. Hey, there was a lot of good info there, for instance where not to take your weapon along with so much more information. We got a chance to mingle with the deputy sheriff's,pick their brains and got to wrap our brains around some of the things that our sheriff dept has to put up with.
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