Extend the lead ammo ban across the west?


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It seems that 'experts' have determined that more ammo control is needed:

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From the top of page 13:
There are various ways to approach the politics of eliminating exposure of condors to lead ammunition. A federally mandated, national switch to non-lead ammunition such as Japan has adopted to protect Whitetailed (Haliaeetus albicilla) and Steller’s Sea Eagles (H. pelagicus) is one approach. Working
through local hunters and national organizations for a voluntary conversion to non-lead
ammunition is another. Threats to human health due to lead fragments in game meat may be
theoretically convincing, although largely dismissed by hunters, based on their own personal
experience and lack of symptoms.

It's too long to cut and paste, but you may find it interesting. I think, from my quick reading, they've admitted that the California condor is no longer a viable species in the wild, but we still need to adopt regulations which probably won't help it.


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These sound like the same people who don't want more drilling because it threatens the mating habits of caribou. Give me a break. If these enviro wackos were nearly as concerned about their fellow man as they were about condors and caribou, we wouldn't have $4/gallon gas threatening to sink our economy. But hey, at least the caribou will be protected, right?


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Lead is some nasty shit to ingest but seldom fatal, from a lead bullet fired from a pistol (not normally a hunters 1st choice except for the mercy final up close cap) so most larger game is brought down with a rifle at ranges beyond a shotgun's range. It's the quail small BB's that fracture and they R a fave for small birds, better chance of a 4ft 'wall of shot' bringing down a duck @ 100 meters then just 2 or 4 larger ball-bearings missing it, so picking the frags out only takes the larger (0.5mm) pieces out. Most of the smaller rest passes through the digestive system without passing into the blood and if it does it binds with red-blood cells. 1st warning not to consume bird meat is the meat is a gritty chew ='s 2 me, I ain't eating it. 1st sign of true lead poisoning is shortness of breath as the RBC's which carry oxygen are now loaded with lead not O2, then a red face, then check for a last will and testament! The threat from lead poisoning is mostly from bad well water or inhalation, arc-welders inhale micron sized particles invisible to the eye every day on the job, but seldom from ingestion, unlike mercury which can kill fast if it enters the body. If U held a drop in your palm for an hour it would seep right thru the skin B 4 your eyes, bad news and few ways to treat it. Miners same and smelters get lead fume poisoning by inhalation, absorption and ingestion last. Double-OT (2 BF BB's) R a good way to bring down large fowl close up, easy to remove BB's. Know of plenty hunters who have been using lead for rifle & shotgun hunting since they were kids now in their 60's & ate almost everything they shot, in damn good health. Lead has 2 B pretty atomized to pass through the intestines into the blood supply, so I think it's a scare vs. a real health threat. Just my spin on treating patients with real lead toxic levels mostly from industrial exposure, but never from even a cumulative effect of eating game they brought down with a lead round or buck-shot. Bad cowboy movie: "Got to get the lead out Doc or he'll die of lead poisoning!" No he will die of sepsis or shock or cardiac arrest.
Hope that helps allay any fears,

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Howdy Boris,
Many metallic compounds in bullets to shot: copper (coated BB's), zinc, lead, iron, tin, Teflon (non-metal), etc are toxic. Think this thread started with: Extend the lead ammo ban across the west?
If U want a lo-down worth a read on metals that humans should avoid, follow this link:
Depleted Uranium has a 1/2 life of 4.5 billion YEARS, meaning by that time it's only 1/2 as deadly, comforting thought and our/Brit troops are sending metric tons of that shit down-range every day in Iraq and in the 'Stan, with no clean-up planned or even possible once it becomes atomized upon impact and airborne.
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A few 1-year rotations thru that crap almost guarantees cancer for Vets in a few years, big hush the recruiters don't yell about, but we are not ready to treat that many FUBAR gonna die young troops.
Since our dash into B-Dad in 2003 the U238 particles from that agro have circled the globe about 50 times on trade winds, and chances are good U and me + every living critter on earth or in the sea have inhaled/ingested a single atom or 20 without even knowing it.
Have a safe day :)

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i guess i should not have eaten that glowing bowl of oatmeal!!!!! i hate it when that happens!!


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Is that why I seam to be glowing at night. I fear for my grand kids that we leave them lots of really bad stuff.

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