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Hello all, new member here. I used to visit Packing.org and am glad to see the spirit is alive an well.

Had a question for anyone who might know. According to the Michigan State Police website, a permit expires on the holder's birthday not less than 4 year, and not more than 5 years after issuance. My actual permit reflects a different day of expiration. Anyone know why this would be?

I ask since my permit renewal is coming up in about 6 months and my birthday just passed.

Mi cpl

My CPL was issued in Aug and B'day in Dec. About 41/2 years. I would not wait. Take your refreshers and do your renewals as soon as you can.
BTW --Welcome to the site.
That was my plan, just curious on the discrepancy. In the law wording it only states "on the expiration date" but does not mention a carry permit holder's birthday.
welcome to the site..

I'd be making a call or 2 on that one. as I understand it they are supposed to expire on the holder's birthday.
Originally they were time stamped from the date of issue. The law changed a year or so ago to expire on your birthday. Your permit expiration date is the one to go by. Just be aware that the new permit will be dated for your birthday.
skipjack is correct on this as I just renewed my cpl. I was told to start my renewal process at least 60 days prior to expiration. That way you would recieve your renewal by the time your expiration date came due. To be on the safe side apply for an extension just in case it doesnt come in time. I recieved my renewal cpl 2 days after it expired.

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