Experience with 327, 32 H&R & Smith 32?

Guy Masterson

New member
for lighter carry when you don't have your .45 or high cap .40 etc...

How effective do you feel Fed .327 is for live defense against an attacker? Do you have comments about ammo types, grain wts, etc?

Have you actually shot all three types of 32 in a revolver chambered in .327? We'd like to know if you believe the rig operates successfully with all three or any comments you might have from firing 32 H&R Mag in a .327?

The listed pressure for .327 is double the listing for 32H&R. I have a low-recoil Fed Hydra-shok .327 that should work out well, but haven't had the chance to test yet.

The .327 is listed at diameter .312, the H&R is listed at diameter .315 as is the Smith. This means quite a bit of slop in the configuration. Have you noticed this or does the cylinder lock-up such that they all fire right through?

The barrel must permit the .327 at .312 thousandths to bounce some while the others will spiral more flush. Any signs of this?

Your input is appreciated!

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