EXCELLENT!! You Go, Utah!!


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Western states were robbed by the Federal government as a condition of statehood. I'm glad to see Utah begin this and hope other states join in and support it.
I do, too. I"m thinking that "states' rights" and "states' sovereignty" just might be the ticket to get back to "We, the People".[/QUOTE]

Where can I purchase one of those tickets, JJ? :biggrin: What an event...States vs. Feds! It just could end up being "the game heard 'round the world". :pleasantry:

Thanks for an excellent thread, Ektarr! :yu:
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I'll believe that when the first federal blockade succumbs to state National Guard and State Police units.

I think that blockade is going to be the other way around. Look at a topographical map of Utah. There's no sneaking through the back door into Utah. The Feds would have to come in via I-15, I-40, I-70, or I-80. All of them are surrounded by mountain ranges on either side, with the exception of I-15 in the south. There you have to go through the Virgin River gorge.

If the Governor ordered it, the state could pretty much shut down all entry to Utah in less than 24 hours. The Feds can certainly bring more firepower, but they'd have to want in awfully bad, and they'd have to be willing to fire on Americans citizens standing in the way. I'm not LDS but I sure wouldn't take the Mormon Militia lightly.

From the video, "There is a tradition in this State of deying the Federal government."

I LOVE living in Utah :biggrin:
I have an Uncle living in Spanish Fork, UT. and it is the most beautiful part of the country I have seen to date. I hope they win there property back, who knows what the FED'S would end up doing with it. Buy the way he is part of that Mormon Militia.

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