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Hello, I have been in the market for a nice carry for about 2 months now. I have been to every gun store in town, and held many, many weapons. I'm having a terrible time trying to choose one weapon. I would like you (the experts, lol) to basiclaly tell me what to buy. I know that if I ask 30 people, I'll get 30 different answers so narrowed it down to only three.

*1st weapon I chose was the new Springfield XDm .40. I liked the look and feel of this gun, and was impressed with the exellent reviews on most every forum. It's dependability, and legendary customer service is very apealing. This was recommended by a lot of the gun stores. Price= $600.00

*2nd weapon I chose was the new H&K .45 compact. I liked the feel of this weapon in my hand. The gun was HIGHLY recommended by every gun store I went to. I havn't read too much on it's reliability, and I don't know too much about thier customer service. Everyone said it was the cream of the crop for the price. Price= $925.00

*3rd onthe list is a Dan Wesson .45 (forgot which one) Again, I liked the feel of this gun, and came HIGHLY recommended from a particular gun store. It felt very tight and "precision made" I liked the bobtail. I havn't seen many reviews on this weapon, and don't know about it's reliability, and accuracy. Price=$1100.00 (est)

So... My inital choice was the XDm .40. I have read so many great things about this gun. It holds 16 + 1, and seems like a no brainer. It does feel natural to point, BUT.. It seems a little cheap in the hand, (It may just be the polymer talking because the glocks feel the same way to me). Im sure it's a great gun at $600.00, but if I can spend 600.. whats 300 more for the HK? Is the HK that good of a weapon to justify the extra $300.00? I really like it, but the price is putting me off a bit. That brings me to the Dan Wesson.. I absolutely love the feel of this gun, it feels very tight, and perfect. But for 1100 I don't see anything to warrant this expense. If someone could explain to me why this gun would be worth it, over the others for 1100 bucks please feel free to elaborate.

All three guns had thier strengths, and weaknesses. I just need to know which one out of the three you would choose and why, so I can make a more informative decision. Thank you for listening to me rant.

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Well you can tell by my name which I would choose although I have the sub compact instead of the compact. As far as I am concerned you can not get any better than an HK.
I would go for the XD in 9mm or 45. I'm not a big 40S&W fan. For strictly concealed carry, a 9mm is smaller and has the stopping power to get the job done. I carry a Glock 30 everyday and the wife now carries a Glock 19. The HK is also a fine gun, but the price point on the XD makes it very attractive. I don't think you are getting an inferior gun in the XD.
I'd say go for the .45 over the .40 - and the XD 45 is a good one as well.

Out of the three you mentioned the HK is probably the best.
I'd say the H+K also. I have never had a problem with mine. take a quick look at the p2000sk.
All 3 of those are good quality firearms. I'd personally take the XDm-40, but I'd be happy with any on your short list.

One thing I noticed is that these pistols have very different shapes. You may want to choose based on comfort in your hand and how well you think you'll be able to conceal each model.

If you get a chance, actually trying out each of these pistols would be a great idea.
If price doesn't concern you, It's H&K all the way. If price is of concern take a look at the Taurus 24/7s. My vote would 45 over 40.
If price doesn't concern you, It's H&K all the way. If price is of concern take a look at the Taurus 24/7s. My vote would 45 over 40.

...and if you go that route, look at the PT 24/7 PRO only. It's improved over the "non-PRO" version. Feels different, too.
I vote the XDm in your stated .40...HOWEVER, I would buy a Glock 23 100 times over before the XD. And to answer your question, no. I don't think H&K's are worth the extra $$ over either an XD or a Glock.
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I like a firing pin over an exposed hammer. They look less sinister to someone who may see your gun. It sounds funny but it's true.
rswrg let me say this. When it is all said and done buy the very best gun that you can afford. What ever you decide on do so because you believe it is the best. I know financially we are all not in the same boat. I for one am a long way from being wealthy. However I have said it before and I will way it again that it floors me how many people will pay 1000-2000 or more on a t.v. or feel the need to drive the best most expensive car they can get but will not spend top dollar on something that they may have to call on to save their life or the life of a loved one. So my answer to the question is yes I think the Hk is with out a doubt worth the extra money. It is not the only good gun however. I feel Sig's are right up there pretty close also and the gun I carry for a back up to my HK is a Glock. What ever you choose don't let the price be the number one reason for choosing. Just my 2 cents worth.
I'm kinda partial to a good 1911. Nothing quiet like the feel of a good 1911 in your hand. I don't think you'd go wrong with any of the pistols you were looking at. I've actually been looking at adding a full size XDM 9mm or an S&W M&P to my collection.

Like others have said, I'd go with either a 9mm or .45 acp. I personally think the recoil of the .45 is more manageable then the .40. The .40 is a much high pressure round and tends to have a more snappy recoil with more muzzle raise. But that's just me.

Welcome to the site and congrats on the purchase. And to be honest once you buy that first one you'll be hook and will own all three soon! lol :biggrin: lol
Carry Gun???

If you have to dress around the gun you will find yourself leaving it at home.

I started by defining the purpose of the weapon I was trying to acquire.

Self defense at spitting distance!

The caliber would start with a "4". (.40 S&W or .45 ACP)
Be able to hide it effiecively without wearing a loose outer garment or a jacket.

What I came up with.

KAHR - MK40 (.40 S&W) using a Blade-Tech (IWB) ultra concealment holster at 8:00 O'Clock set for the FBI cant(Yes, I am a died in the wool "LEFTY"). The little KAHR just disappears under only my tucked in shirt.
I would say go with the HK. I know when I bought my SIG P220 I went with it because of its reliability. Paying the extra few bucks may be worth it. Second runner up I would say would be the Dan Wesson, but thats just my opinion
Thank you all for helping me make my decision a little easier.

I think I will end up purchasing the XDM .40, before the Pres locks away the hi cap for good. And as KimberPB stated
And to be honest once you buy that first one you'll be hooked and will own all three soon!
Your probably right, and Im already looking for ways around the wifes ever watchful eye over the checkbook. By this time next year I should have a few more.

Again, thank you for all the quick and helpful responses.

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