Every BG is someones Son, sometime it could be your Son

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This is sad, but you have to do what you have to do. Drugs and alcohol changes people. I doubt he will be charged with all the witnesses.

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Man May Not Be Charged For Fatally Shooting Son

BELTON, S.C. -- Investigators said a father fatally shot his 26-year-old son, but he may not face charges in the shooting.

Anderson County Sheriff's investigators said that deputies were called the home on McClain Road in Belton at about 6:45 p.m. Monday.

Deputies found Bryan Andrew Bratcher in the doorway of the home with a gunshot in the stomach.

Shore said, "According to his father, he said he didn't want to shoot his son. When he realized he was going to have to, he was shooting low hoping to shoot him in the leg, but he actually shot him in the abdomen and he hemorrhaged."

Very sad. That would be a very hard thing to have to live with. The sorrow he is going through is something most of will never know. We have some friends who go to our church who's son-in-law backed over and killed their little girl a few years ago. We went to the funeral and it was one of the saddest moments for everyone concerned. Their faith in Christ helped them but still very hard. To have to take the life of your son like this I can't even imagine.
I dont know if I could.

As a father myself I don't know if I could resolve myself to pull the trigger. Prayers go out to him.
Sad story. don't know what I would do if I was in that situation. If it were here in HI, the guy would be prosecuted because he got is gun to "scare" his son and when he fired the shots, they were intended to "wound" his son. Thing to remember is that whenever using a gun for "self defense", it must be the "last option" and never shoot to "wound".

Hope this guy gets some serious counseling. It's bad enough to have to shoot a BG, must be a lot worse if the BG is also your son.

That's sad, but the best rule is, don't draw unless you intend to kill. The gun doesn't know it's supposed to "scare", and the bullet doesn't know it's being sent to "wound". Any worthwhile gun is fully purposed to kill, and every bullet is fully intent on destroying anything in its path. You don't want to be the only one that's left out of the loop.

If you want to wound someone, grab objects and fling it in their general direction, or use the taser baton that you should have purchased. Pull out the beating stick you should carry around. How about an ASP baton? A knife might be helpful, or a baseball bat.
My pops told me a long time ago that he brought me into this world,and he can take me out if I get man enough to swing on him...He's Marine Reacon, vietnam Vet,so I didnt try him too much growing up.

This is a sad story,but Im sure the son showed signs that he was about to snap before the day it actually happened.
that is really sad. I am sure that the father did what he could for his son. even though he may have not meant to kill his son he probably did the only thing he could... at least I hope so.

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