Errors in Missouri concealed carry laws on site


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In accordance with Section 571.107 RSMo.,

you may not carry concealed in the following places:
any police, sheriff , or Highway Patrol office or station without consent;
within 25 feet of any polling place on Election Day;
adult or juvenile jail or institution;
courthouse or facilities;
any meeting of a government body (except by a member with a concealed carry endorsement);
a bar without consent;
where prohibited by federal law;
child care facility (without consent of manager);
riverboat gambling facility;
amusement parks;
any church or place of worship; without permission of Minister or person representing religious organization
any sports arena or stadium (with seating for more than 5,000);
and, private or public property where posted.
Possession of a firearm in a vehicle on the premises of any of the above listed locations is not prohibited so long as the firearm is not removed from vehicle or brandished while the vehicle is on the premises.
Carrying a concealed firearm in any location specified above is not a criminal act. However, can be denied access to the premises or may be removed from the premises for doing so.
If a peace office is summoned: Upon the first offense, you can be cited and fined up to $100. within six months, a second offense occurs, you can be fined up to 200, and your concealed firearms endorsement can be suspended for a period of one year. within one year of the first offense a third citation for a similar violation is issued, you may be fined up to $500, and your concealed carry endorsement revoked. If your concealed carry endorsement is revoked, you are not eligible for the endorsement for a period of three years.
In addition to the concealed carry endorsement discussed above, Missouri
now permits any person who is at least 21 years old to transport a concealable
firearm in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle. No concealed carry
endorsement is required. Under the old law, the peaceable journey exception
to the unlawful-use-of-a-weapon law permitted travelers on a continuous
peaceable journey to carry a concealed weapon. The peaceable journey exception
is still in the law, and may apply in circumstances where the new law
does not (i.e. if the person is less than 21 years old). Also, any coroner, deputy
coroner, medical examiner, or assistant medical examiner may carry a concealable
firearm upon or about their person without an endorsement. -- What? Zombie defense?

Taken from SHP-863.pdf

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