Erie County Unrestricted upgrade approved!!


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I got an early Christmas present today. Ive held a restricted NYS permit from Erie county for over 20 years. About the middle of September i sent in the upgrade request, today i received a letter that my permit was upgraded to unrestricted. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but i'm glad it all worked out.


Congrats! I too live in EC and want to upgrade my permit. What did you put on the form for your reasons if you don't mind me asking?

In my case i explained that i spend a lot of time outdoors in very rural areas with limited or no cell phone coverage and in these areas police response time would be very long. But, i think what really helped is that ive had my permit for so long and don't have any criminal record or any traffic violations such as DWI's. Good luck!

Ok Thanks! I'm sure the 20 years had a lot to do with it. I don't have any record, or DWI or anything either but I've only had it about 2 years, maybe I'll hold off a bit. Was just hoping to get it done before it's even more impossible..
If you really want your unrestricted permit you can ask for upgrade because you are going to apply for your PA License because you are going to start hunting there and in order to receive your PA permit you need Unrestricted from New York State worked for me..... Good Luck and, Oh by the way took 4 days to receice my PALTCF

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