Energy Citizens against climate change laws

Hi, Folks. I got this e-mail this AM. If you're as concerned about Cap & Tax and unnecessary climate change regulations as I am, please check them out. This is yet another avenue by which we can make a difference.

"Welcome to Energy Citizens, and thank you for signing up to receive updates on the climate change legislation debate. Help keep this movement going—contact your Senators and urge them to oppose costly climate change legislation.

The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee recently approved the climate change bill drafted by Sens. John Kerry (D–Mass.) and Barbara Boxer (D–Calif.). Like Waxman–Markey—the bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in June—the Kerry–Boxer climate change bill could have a profound impact on Americans' everyday lives, causing great economic hardships without delivering the environmental benefits promised.

Studies have shown that these bills could have devastating effects on U.S. families and the economy, and could:

Push pump prices above 5 dollars a gallon;
Destroy millions of jobs, even after the creation of new green jobs; and
Increase the imports of refined products and send American jobs overseas.
Considering the economic challenges our country is facing, we simply cannot afford legislation that may lead to higher energy costs and fewer jobs while reducing America's energy security. And while the Kerry–Boxer bill has passed out of committee, there is still time for the full Senate to reject this costly climate change legislation and support a balanced energy policy that promotes jobs and affordable energy.

Take action now.

P.S. Energy Citizens will keep you informed about this and other important energy issues, but we need your help to keep this movement going. Please visit for more information."

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