EMP wont load hollow points


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I have a new emp 9mm and have shot a couple hundred rounds thru it all being target loads. I cleaned the gun today and now it wont rack hollow points. target loads load ok. any idea what I done wrong or is it something to do with the ammo? I dont remember what brand the hp are and do not have the box.

I have heard several people having the same problem with the EMP's. One person spread his feed lips a little, and that seemed to work. One guy just polished the feed ramp and after breaking it in a bit, the gun worked great with any ammo.

Springfield has excellent customer service though. If you were to send it back, I would guess you would have your pistol back within 2 months.
I've seen this issue in the past with a couple of my new guns. The problem was actually the mags. If the mags are new also full load them and let them sit for 3 days. It'll break in the spring and will probably fix your issue.

I've had to do this for several of my new Kimber mags.

Hope this helps.

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