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Electro Magnetic Pulse Radiation

Kills everything with a silicon brain.

Effective shielding would include keeping a sensitive electronic item in an ESD bag in a grounded metal container below ground level.

Having an extra computer module and electronic ignition stored in this manner will be a lot cheaper than keeping some pre 1970 gas hog alive.

Also keep a couple of scientific calculators stored this way just in case.

A spare ignition module for the jenny as well.

Some guys go so far as to store an old laptop this way.

EMP does not effect vacuum tube powered radios!

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EMP hardening:

Soldering metal oxide varistors (MOV) inside /short wave radios/scanners/ham radios/ transmitters/TVs/ any electronics etc etc etc is a lot more protection from EMP than just a power strip/surge/spike protector containing MOVs

A MOV acts much much faster than any fuse/breaker/switch can.

Electrical cords/wires between the surge/spike/whatever strip protector and the device itself can act as an antenna. receiving and directing/carrying/conducting the pulse into the electronic device, so MOVs inside a device offer much more protection than just a strip protector does

Zener Diodes and Faraday Cages can help too.

Just search EMP hardening.

Most stuff is readily available at Radio Shack

Even lightning nearby creates an EMP, you don't have to wait until a bomb goes off to benefit from EMP hardening, and it's cheap.

But, I wouldn't trust just a surge protector type strip :fie: :no:

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